The Amazing Spider-Man Parkour

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  1. Kyle

    Great comments Adam and Geoff. I think why spend a ton of time on CGI and invest it in a great stunt/parkour man to play the role. That would make lot of potential actors mad, since they can't actually perform the stunts themselves.

  2. Geoff

    This is so awesome! If another Spider-Man TV series got made, Spidey should absolutely move like this. I've always pictured Spider-Man Noir, Ultimate Peter and Miles (Pre-webshooters) moving around NY like this when I've read their respective comics.

  3. Adam T

    It would be awesome to have a Spider-Man movie shot like this. Real stunts, minimum CGI. A simple Spider-Man vs. Kingpin gangs plot would look great in this styleI'll take a practical stunt over a CGI one. This video is great.

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