Daily Archives: May 2, 2014

  • Berryman Vs. Amazing Spider-Man 2

    Well it’s out now. It’s finally arrived. So what does George think about the Spider-sequel? Warning: This review will have spoilers. Repeating that – this review will have spoilers. Some of you know I was not a fan of the first film, and that’s putting it mildly. I was…

  • Villain Profile: Skein

    In this episode I talk about the former Spider-Woman villain and Thunderbolts member. Who is she and what lead her to being part of the Menagerie? Good question because I don’t know the answer, I just talk about the villain.

  • Amazing Spider-Man #1 Vidcast Review

    I start my day out right with a fresh pot of coffee brewing, Life Cereal and my review of Amazing Spider-Man #1. I talk about what I enjoyed about the books even the introduction of Clash and Electro’s return. However, I give low marks for what is being done…

  • How should Sony expand the cinematic Spider-Man family?

    Outside of my interest in comics and Spider-Man, I am also interested in cinema storytelling and the process which films go though from inception to release. A number of news story’s lately have caught my attention and I wanted to work through them, if you’ll allow me. I think…

  • Halloween Costumes’ Spider-Man chart

    Halloweencostumes.com, where you can go to buy your sexy whatever-this-is costume, has posted a cool infographic on their blog. The image shows various comic and film iterations of Spider-Man, including 2099 and Miles Morales. Infographic Created by HalloweenCostumes.com