Daily Archives: May 3, 2014

  • Voice of Doc Ock Dies

    Efrem Zimbalist Jr. has passed away at the age of 95. He voiced Doctor Octopus in the 1990’s Spider-Man cartoon. He had a long career in film and telelvision. Some of his famous roles included the TV shows “77 Sunset Strip,” “The F.B.I” and also he was the voice…

  • Reviews for ASM2

    The reviews are coming across the “web” on Amazing Spider-Man 2. Here is a ranking of it against the other Spider-Man movies from Rotten Tomatoes. Entertainment Weekly has a great breakdown of various critics.¬†

  • ASM2 Thoughts

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is now in theaters worldwide. What are your thoughts on the film? Feel free to discuss it in the comment section. You can also discuss it on our message board with this thread. Warning, there are spoilers in these discussions. So if you haven’t seen…