Podcast # 299- ASM2 Movie Review

Podcast299May2014The Spider-Panel discusses our thoughts on the Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie. Highlights include:
*Our pros and cons of the movie
*Favorite and least favorite scenes
*Grades of the movie by George, Brad, JR, Zach and Michael aka Stillanerd
*What do we want in Amazing Spider-Man 3
* Warning there are spoilers in the podcast. If you listen to it, we assume you’ve seen the film. 


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(17) Comments

  1. Geoff

    @16 - I disagree I think all of them apart from George (whose frustrations are understandable) gave the film a very balanced review. I enjoyed the film for the most part, but I agreed with most of the complaints that were put forth here. I think it's one of those movies that warrants a second viewing though, as I enjoyed it much more on my second viewing.

  2. Blaine

    I should be appalled by this, but given how negative the Crawlspace usually is anyways, it's no surprise.

  3. GregXB

    I've really missed having Zach on the show. I podcast with him on a monthly basis and he's great to work with. Would love to hear him back on Crawlspace.

  4. BD - Post author

    Spectacular Mike, You did great. Thanks so much for coming on with such short notice. BD

  5. Stillanerd

    Again, I just want to say it was a real treat to be invited on (and to have you guys listen to my sexy voice, besides). It was a lot of fun, and great question from all of those who wrote in.One thing I forgot to mention was about the musical score. While, I liked the theme Zimmer did for Spider-Man, the one for Electro where you hear that whole "They lied to me, they shot at me, they're dead to me, they are my enemy!" I was like WTF?! And then there was that whole rendition of "Itsy Bitsy Spider" during the climax...oh, brother.@#7 SMVENOM -- Oh, wow...now having seen it for the first time, that definitely would've been one of those, "It's so bad its funny" moment had they kept that in.@#9 Ryan3178--Thanks. :)

  6. 666andahalf

    Brad, thanks for getting this podcast out so fast! It especially came in handy today when I got stuck in traffic (overpass on fire - you know, the usual).Agreed with many of your points, and settled with JR's "I like it, but..." feeling.

  7. Geoff

    @- Thanks. I remember Comic Book Resources reporting about Harry-Goblin snapping Gwens neck in the early test screenings, so I would imagine that's real. Even though at the time I considered it to likely false. I'm glad that it wasn't featured in the film though.That looks really, really bad. Norman Osborn combined with Arnim Zola?? What is Sony on?!?!


    @6 I found out about the alternate Gwen death scenes through IMDb's trivia section (I understand IMDb hasn't always been accurate, but I figure their trivia has always been right to me) and I've heard about the cryo-head Norman from various sources.I've attached one of the few pics I've come across.

  9. Geoff

    Where are people finding all of these cut scenes? Like Harry laughing at Gwen's death and Cryo-head Norman?


    Brad, I'm glad you're excited I'm from Missouri, too! Haha :)I loved the reaction to my question regarding the alternate climax scene lol. At least everyone on the panel seemed unanimous, glad I could get you all to agree on something!Awesome podcast, as usual.

  11. Jack Brooks

    This was the strongest podcast since the cast shake-up (or whatever you would call it). It sounds like this movie will perfectly illustrate the difference between inherent quality vs. how much money a movie makes.

  12. Adam T

    You guys cover a lot of good points. I think I'd give it a B+ though. The only thing I'd cut would be the Parents stuff.The one area I'd disagree with you was the use of Uncle Ben. The previous four films covered this. I really liked that Aunt May compared her losing Ben to Peter losing Gwen, and that helped Peter move forward. I found that very well played, and powerful because Ben had not been over used in the rest of the film.

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