Spider-Art #183

Today’s Spider-(Girl) Art of the Day is from … um, me?  Don’t look at me like that — Brad made me do it!

To see this in various stages of production with a little commentary, click “READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY” below.  Of course, be sure to head over to my deviantART page to see more of my stuff.
















Click on the images to embiggen. 


Pencil Breakdowns. Notice that the costume details, foreground building details, and Moon details are incomplete.


















Ink Detail. I’m using a Sakura Pigma Brush pen for most of the linework and a Sakura Pigma Micron 05 pen or the web details. The black fills are done with a Copic Black 100 marker.



















Inks in Progress. You can see the detail that I added to Mayday’s costume, the foreground building, and The Moon.



















Completed Inks. I fudged up the right eye a bit, so I mark down that I need to fix it in Photoshop. Next stop, the scanner!



















Completed Scan. I cleaned up the specks and fixed that damned eye. Time to color!






























Color Flats. At this stage, I’ve dumped in some flat colors to cover all of the base tones. There are no color shadows yet, and a few small details are missing. (Incidentally, this is where a lot of amateur colorists stop. This is not a finished piece yet!)































Colors in Progress. I’ve added in the color shadows on the figure, the mask, and the buildings. Also, because I’m a corporate shill, I added the Starbucks logo to the cup using an image I found on Google and the warp tools (to make it appear to be curving with the cup … that’s a tutorial in itself!).
































Colors in Progress. Unsatisfied with the look of the sky and the foreground building, I added textures to give them some life. I also added a color overlay to give everything a bluish, darkened tint — it IS night, after all.































Completed Colors. I added the glow of the lights and The Moon, a crucial final step. I’m done!

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