Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors?

9e1900cd-a9d5-48ba-ab08-e596505091e8A New York Comic Con is handing out badges and causing some confusion with Spider-Fans. The Sunday kids badge is promoting the Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors. Is this a cartoon spinoff? It Ultimate Spider-Man transforming into this show? What do you think?  Zap Comics posted this picture on its Twitter page. 

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  1. Enda McNabola

    Just in case you think the nova, iron fist, white tiger and power man are the other spider-mans, wrong move numero uno! behind that black sticker there are 6 spiderman but 5 on the old team.

  2. Enda McNabola

    Either it is somekind of inter dimensional team up or it is taking place in alternate worlds such as Noir or 2099.

  3. Luke

    I can't believe the show even survived after that pro-NSA episode for this long. People have no standards.

  4. Al

    On the one hand seeing these characters get TV debuts is exciting and, congrats USM, you've guarenteed my viewership for an episode or two. But on the other hand this show is bad I expect they'll screw up the characters. Can't wait for George to get to this though

  5. 666andahalf

    Mayday? Miles? 2099? Holy crap sign me on. That better be Kaine or Ben as the Scarlet Spider as the obscured character.

  6. AndrewRoebuck

    THIS WOULD BE AWESOME! Miles Morales, Peter Parker, Spider-Girl, Miquel O'hara....and is that Spider-Man Noir? Yeah thats a weird addition also it looks like a sticker is blocking out one other character...any idea who this could be?

  7. Geoff

    Is that Spider-Girl (May) in the back? Please do not ruin her character Ultimate Spider-Man, please!

  8. Adam T

    I've not really liked what little of Ult. Spider-Man I've seen, but if this is a new show, featuring Miles Morales, I'm up for it. This would be his first TV appearance, wouldn't it? It sort of looks like the Saturday morning version of Spider-Verse

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