Villain Profile/Around the Spider-Verse Spider-Woman IV

I pull double duty delivering the history of the John Bryne villain from the late 90s and how she ties into both Spider-Man’s Rogues Gallery and in the upcoming Spider-verse event.

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  1. Ryan3178

    Yeah, I was a Mattie fan too. Hated when they killed her in Grim Hunt and Madam Web.

  2. frogoat

    I have to admit, I read most of the Mattie Franklin Spider-Woman series as a kid and still have a soft spot for the currently deceased and often unloved third Spider-Woman. Charlotte though? I just hope that if she returns she'll be wearing a different costume!

  3. Ryan3178

    A lot haven't and she was in the spider-verse pic and Dan Slott said she would be there. All Spider-Woman and Girl will be.

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