Superior Spider-Man Returns in August

SSM032-4You didn’t think a little thing like death would keep good old Doc Ock away did you? Because in August Superior Spider-Man #32-33 will be released as part of the prelude to Spider-verse.

From Newsarama:

Dan Slott, Christos Gage, Giuseppe Camuncoli (#32) and Adam Kubert (#33) will weave the web of a two issue story that tells where (and when) Otto as Spider-Man went when he vanished in “a flash of temporal energy” in Superior Spider-Man #19, Gage tells The nine hours that he was missing disappeared from his own mind, and the events just before and after, including Spider-Man 2099 being stranded in the past, became the more important story. Gage teases, “Is this an untold chapter of the past, a tale of the future, or both?” Well, it’s at least leaning into the future, editor Nick Lowe says, as these issues will actually “kick off the edge of Spider-Verse,” the massive event coming to Amazing Spider-Man this fall that will see virtually every incarnation of Spider-Man ever show up in its pages. In this two-issue story, Otto Octavius, the Superior Spider-Man is in the year 2099, and wants to merely find a way back to his own time – but “a Peter Parker Spider-Man, a very different one from the one we know” stands in his way, says Gage.

So, what are your thoughts on the return of Otto?

EDIT: Added the link! –George!

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  2. QuilSniv

    *QuilSniv reads the article of Superior's return, grabs the machine guns under his bed, and starts firing rounds into the sky* Marvel, you let Dan Slott lie to me! I don't care if they continue the series, heck, I was actually really curious about what happened back in Superior 19. I'm all for the idea. But if you say that #31 is the series finale, don't call it Superior #32-33. That just makes people think you're pushing the series on for no reason. Just call it Superior 19.1-19.2. I'm betting the evil CEO from Edge of Time is going to be the Peter Parker they're alluding towards. It's not that hard to guess. And using this to set up Spider-Verse? I've now lost almost all interest for the story arc. I'm still clinging on by a thread, but Marvel's pushing my buttons. This had better not be a complicated train-wreck that works like Siege as a crossover. Here's to begging to Marvel...

  3. herbiepopnecker

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more interested in seeing the return of Mrs. Mary Jane Watson-Parker.Sorry, marvel!

  4. Ryan3178

    Something tells me that the time rift that Otto screwed up also tore through the multiverse like with Galactus and caused Morlun to then move between universes.

  5. AmFan15

    "but “a Peter Parker Spider-Man, a very different one from the one we know” stands in his way, says Gage."My first thought is it could be the evil corporate version of Peter Parker from the game Spider-Man: Edge Of Time...but I could be wrong.

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