Rejected Venom Costume from Spider-Man 3

bdPhUaCEvidently Director Sam Raimi passed on this suit for Spider-Man 3. What are your thoughts? Also check out the rejected black suit for Spidey that I reported on last year. 

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  1. Blazeatron

    I prefer the costume they went with as it made Venom look monstrous which is how he should be. This one just looks so ugly, weird and un-Venom like.

  2. McLovin

    Definitely should have used this one it's badass!!! And what were they thinking using tofer grace o play venom?? Wtf!! Should have gotten some with big brawd shoulders 200 something ponds and a blond crew cut!! I just couldn't take him seriously..

  3. wwww789

    No matter what costume he wore, Venom would still be a complete waste of potential in this film, with a completely miscast actor. Venom really did deserve a whole movie to himself, not to be crammed into the last ten minutes of a picture which was already over-stuffed! I realise that Raimi had no interest in Venom, which makes me wish he hadn't been made to include him, I would prefer no Venom at all to the washed out ten-minutes-of-screentime loser he turned out to be.I still think Raimi did a good job with the Green Goblin, Doc Ock, and Sandman though. he managed to bring a lot of pathos and human drama to the latter two, and while his Goblin was a ridiculous over the top pantomime villain with a lame costume, he was still a lot of fun, and Dafoe did a great job with the role.

  4. Bill

    I really wish Raimi had gone with the rejected classic black Spidey suit from the comics. I've always loved that costume and it would have been awesome to see it come to life on the big screen.Plus I prefer this look for Venom more than the one that made it to film.I really really really wish they would get people who have at least some sort of love (and respect) for the comics to make these Spider-Man movies. They're not too bad, but they could be sooo much better and more iconic. [sigh]

  5. Scarlet Spider

    @1 - Raimi had no interest in Venom though. I imagine if the he was made by Sony to give Venom more focus the film would have been even worse. Simply because Raimi clearly didn't know what to do with the character.

  6. ARLiN

    He shouldve used it n then enhanced it wit special effects but then again if he wouldve focused more on Venom instead of Sandman it might have been a better film

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