Rejected Amazing Spider-Man 361 Cover

1683080-amazing_spider_man__1963_1998_1st_series__361Which cover do youtumblr_n4no41mEUu1r93mfqo1_1280  like better? 

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  1. Christopher Daniel Kuehl

    I love the black and white rough sketch more than the final product, personally. There's action going on in the final print, but Carnage looks more menacing and intimidating to Spidey. Plus, the background with the environment and different inanimate objects make both characters stand out much better in the pencil rough draft. Spider-Man's perspective looks off in the final print when he's supposed to be behind Carnage.

  2. Blazeatron

    As others have stated on here I too prefer the published cover as it makes Carnage more threatening and stand out. The unpublished cover looks amazing but more suited to a splash page in that issue.

  3. Blazeatron

    As others have stated on here I too prefer the published cover as it makes Carnage more threatening and stand out. T

  4. Danbbqman

    Hey everyone - I agree that Marvel choose the correct cover. I know this is way off topic, but I just tried to visit Sam Ruby's old web site. It is totally gone! I know it has not been up dated for years, but it was still a great site to view covers and get educated on some Spidey history. I don't know why the site was abandoned in the first place, but I will miss it. Does anyone know the story behind this? I hope I am not out of line asking about this on the Crawl Space.

  5. hornacek

    The rejected cover makes the reader think that he's just another villain, as Spidey looks at him and say "Oh, another bad-guy."The published cover makes the reader think "Oh BLEEP, Spidey is helpless against this guy, and he's not doing anything, just standing there while these tiny tendrils incapacitate Spidey!"

  6. tnr105

    Both are good, but I think the final version makes for the better cover. The rejected art looks like it would be better suited as a splash page at the end of an issue.

  7. parabolee

    Funnily enough I just framed and hung this issue on my wall! However, I do prefer the unpublished cover.

  8. Donovan Grant

    I've always loved the original #361 cover, as Bagley's style splashes off the page. As a kid I'm like "WTH IS HE DOING TO SPIDER-MAN?!?!?!" The orginal cover's a good cover, but it's not as threatening as the printed version, an thus not as dynamic.

  9. Iron Patriot

    I prefer the published cover. The white background makes Spidey and Carnage stand out. Also, I like how Carnage's head is drawn. I guess the round shape makes him look different to Venom?

  10. Tyson

    I think the Carnage illustration on the unpublished cover looks better, but I like the more action oriented published cover. The unpublished one just looks like Spidey was interrupted from relaxing in a bunch of rubble.

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