Podcast # 304- Seven Spider-Satellites and 2 Ultimate Cartoon Reviews

Podcast304picIn this episode we review seven Spider-Satellite titles. Those include
*Superior Foes #11
*Superior Team-Up #12
*Guardians of the Galaxy #14
*Spider-Man Family Business Graphic Novel
*Deadpool Vs Carnage # 1 &2
*Ultimate Spider-Man # 200

George also reviews two episodes of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. 
Season One, Episode 10- Freaky
Season Two, Episode 24 – Sandman Returns


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(5) Comments

  1. Lefty Donovan

    Is there a name for this version of the Spider-Man Theme (or the artist) at the beginning? I tried shazam-ing it, but got nothing.

  2. Scarlet Spider

    @2 - There were some hints that Teresa may be introduced into one of the Spider-Titles and Waid has said he wasn't done with the story.

  3. PunyParker

    @2 Me too,i loved Teresa.And generally the mystery of him indeed having a sister. Interesting potential.

  4. Adam T

    I really enjoyed Family Business. The art, as Brad mentioned, is great. However I also really enjoyed the interaction between Peter and Teresa, and how Peter was excited to have a sister. I thought it was in character for Peter to realise he had no strong feelings about his parents leaving him, because in his mind Ben and May are his family. I got the impression that the epilogue was hinting that Peter and Teresa are actually siblings, and the subtle last seen between the two implied she does remember what happened in the story. I'd happily read a sequel, or a continuation in the regular series.

  5. PunyParker

    Brad,you didnt mention the most important part of the USM issue!! The last panel where we see Peter looking at Miles though the bush!

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