The Ultimate Spider-Man returns to the Marvel Universe

imageimageBrain Michael Bendis posted this piece of preview art,for his popular All-New X-Men series, through his Tumblr. The cover by Miles Morales’ co-creator Sara Pichelli, seems to indict that the character will continue his dimension hopping adventures.

Apart from visiting the All-New X-Men, Miles is also due to appear with Peter Parker in Bendis’s Spider-Men 2 and Dan Slott’s Spider-Verse event.

The cover is an homage to the classic Uncanny X-Men cover.

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  1. 9th comment

    Meh, I would rather read stories about Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man 2099. Miles sucks.

  2. Scarlet Spider

    @6 - To clarify I wasn't saying that Amazing has been really terrible all the time, it's just been so inconsistent throughout the 2000's and 2010's. While USM has kept a consistent quality throughout in my opinion. JMS run wasn't bad. He did some good stuff for the title. But I couldn't get into the gimmicky stuff he introduced. His run was still miles better than what came after though. I also prefer 616 and Ultimate to stay self contained, Spider-Men being the only real exception to that rule. I'm not excited to see Miles on the X-Men or any team really. ( I don't even like him on The New Ultimates.) @7 - Yeah! The early stuff with Peter is particularly good. Especially the arc with Daredevil and Moon Knight.

  3. Jam

    @ #4 amen to that!... Have recently read all of bendis ultimate sipder-man peter and miles and I would have to say it's the best spider-man stuff I've read in my 19 years as a huge spider-man fan.

  4. flaccid-donkey

    @#4 I get and respect that you dig miles, but jms' run on amazing was way better imo. I'm just don't like ultimate crossing over with the main marvel u.

  5. Javi Trujillo

    Having read all the Miles Ultimate Spidey stuff, save Cataclysm, for the first time over the last month, I gotta say, I love this character and am enjoying his story unfold. I've even been reading it to my kids and they are diggin it. Bring on Spider-Men 2!

  6. Scarlet Spider

    Wow so much winging about Miles and Bendis on the internet. I personally think he's a great character that's had some very good development. In fact Bendis version of Peter and Miles have been the most enjoyable modern versions of the character since their respective introductions. I certainly think they're consistently better than the Peter Parker that's been featured in Amazing since the Mackie-Byrne reboot, who in my opinion has been a completely boring, go-nowhere character for well over 10 years now. @1 - Slott isn't killing every Spider-Man in Spider-Verse, 2099's series is continuing afterwards and there will most likely be more survivors.

  7. Nick MB

    I kinda feel like every time a writer creates a character and has anything remotely nice happen to them, that character gets accused of being a Mary Sue. The Ultimate Spider-Man series with Miles has been fantastic, and this is still Bendis writing him, so hopefully this will be a good comic too.

  8. Gary

    Miles is such a freaking Mary Sue it's not even funny anymore. It's bad enough that now the entire Ultimate Universe centers around him, but now they're bringing him to the 616 Universe from the Ultimate Universe to lead the X-men. And yeah, I said lead them. Because you just know he'll be made the leader of the All-New X-men. And in Spider-verse, after Slott kills every Spider-man except Peter and Miles, Peter will die and Miles will beat Morlun. And they'll make him the Spider-man of two universes, because he's a freaking Mary Sue.

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