Podcast 305-1984 Spider-History Spotlighting Secret Wars

Podcast305picIn this episode JR takes us back to May 1984.  It’s a significant month for Spidey. 

*He receives his black suit in Amazing Spider-Man #252
*Visits the Beyonder’s world in Secret Wars # 1
*That first mega crossover is a classic,but JR says it doesn’t hold up that well
*The Spider-Panel disagrees and it’s a lively discussion on remembering our childhood. 


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(3) Comments

  1. Barrel Jumper

    Secret Wars is horrible. The writing is juvenile and at times offensive. Iron Man calling Captain Marvel a "squeeze"...? Shooter was very full of himself when he penned these.

  2. AC

    I was 12 when this came out, and i managed to get amazing 252 but i missed secret wars until issue 3. i loved secret wars! It had two of my favorite spidey moments, beating the x men was one thing, but his beat down of titania was better. when i picked up issue 1 and 2 years later, JR is right, issue 1 does kind of suck, but i loved it as a kid. Maybe he should have started with issue 3.

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