Two ASM2 Video Game Reviews

I picked this up this week and it’s not horrible,but it’s nothing outstanding either. It’s very much like the first Amazing Spider-Man game. I’d give it a B-, Shattered Diminsions gets an A+ out of me.What do you think of the game?

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  1. Scarlet Spider

    #2 - If you like a linear platformer reminiscent of the PS1 Spider-Man games then get Shattered Dimensions. ASM1 and 2 are both sandbox games like the Treyarch Spider-Man games.I liked the city traversal in this one a lot, it's very cinematic and polished. the combat is serviceable. Graphics are alright. Story sucks and has no connection to the movie though. Gwen and Rhino aren't in the game, and Electro appears for a cutscene as Dillon and one short boss battle. The Goblin boss was pretty awesome though.

  2. AmFan15

    I would recommend Shattered Dimensions if you've never played a Beenox Spidey game...or the first Amazing game. Definitely not this one.

  3. Hugo

    Would anyone here recommend this game for someone who has never played any of the Beenox titles before? As I can see it, most of the criticism comes from the fact that ASM 2 is too similar to its predecessors.

  4. wwww789

    I'm disappointed that this game is apparently mediocre, I was hoping we could get another Spidey game which reached the heights of 'Spiderman 2', or 'Ultimate Spider-man'. Those two were probably my favourite licensed Superhero games in general until the Batman Arkham series came around.

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