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So is this a new show, or is this replacing Ultimate Spider-Man? Spidey’s voice seems different. So many questions, so little answers. Thanks to Hynesj in our comments section for the heads up about the video.

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  1. PeterParkerfan

    Hopefully they'll get rid of the stupid 4th wall breaking running gag in this season.

  2. spiderfan970

    A lot of shows in the UK are sped up by like a second because they have a shorter airtime or something? That's why a lot of voices sound higher pitched, they've been messed with.

  3. QuilSniv

    Also, is it just me, or does it seem like Scarlet Spider sounds a bit like Flash Thompson? Either it's the same voice actor not bothering to change his pitch, or.... you know what I'm thinking...

  4. QuilSniv

    Well, to be fair, at least this whole thing kills the thing that everybody thought Spidey would do in the season 2 finale: decline Avengers membership to stick with his team. At least that's one thing that (apparently) they said wouldn't be a good thing. But, like the last season, I'm REALLY hesitant to take a look at this show. I find it really hard to defend this show, but I'll give it a shot, just to be optimistic since it's a kids show. If the first episode sucks, then you can predict the path of the rest of the series.

  5. jake

    The description in the promo clearly states it's meant to be the third season. It's also clearly still Bell, especially going by the teaser for the first episode. It seems to be debuting soon in the UK.

  6. Gary

    How do you figure that Spider-man's voice sounds different? That's obviously still Drake Bell.

  7. Al

    Basically you know how the gimmick for season 1 it was basically marvel team up/batman brave and the bold but even more childish and how the gimmick was season 2 was the exact same thing as season 1 except they'd have, you know, actual Spider-Man villains in it. Well the gimmick for season 3 is everything in seasons 1-2 except we're bringing in alternate versions of Spider-Man. We'll bastardise Scarlet Spider, Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Girl. And why not! Slott's doing it this year anyway. I'll give em this that was clever cross media pollination

  8. wwww789

    It seems to be the exact same show, the tone looks just as silly as before. I doubt I'll be watching, I'm sure the kids will enjoy it though.

  9. Scarlet Spider

    Seems like this is Ultimate Spider-Man season three. Same title font, same animation style, same voice actor. I think they've just given it a subtitle. Like when Justice League became Justice League Unlimited in it's 3rd season.Spidey looks a bit taller and more grown up here, so maybe Bell's dropped his voice a bit to show age?Does that sound like Flash in the Scarlet Spider outfit?

  10. Hynesj

    It says in the tv mag that it is series 3 of Ultimate Spider-Man and it starts on Saturday.

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