History of Spider-Man Voice Actors

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  1. Jeff Gutman

    Interesting - absolutely no mention of the voice actors from the 1967 show? Or the 1981 cartoon? Seems rather incomplete.

  2. Donovan Grant

    Awesome video! The first BG theme is actually my personal favorite of all the Spider-Man theme songs. It's the theme used for the Marvel vs. Capcom fighting games. That's awesome about CDB being the one voice actor to do the character the most amount of times. He and Josh Keaton, along with Rino Romano are my top three.

  3. wwww789

    Interesting video, Christopher Daniel Barnes is still the definitive Spidey voice actor for me, Joshua Keaton is also pretty excellent. I remember Tobey Maguire being pretty damn funny in the Spider-Man games, his delivery of the one liners was perfect, making me really wish he got more of those in the films.

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