Spider-Man Unlimited Trailer

Check out this new mobile game. The game has multiple Spidey costumes and the descriptions says. The game will be free, episodic and available on IOS, Android and Windows Phone. 

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(4) Comments

  1. Scarlet Spider

    Urgh. So this is the closest thing to a Shattered Dimensions/Edge of Time sequel we get and it's a damn endless runner game!! That is beyond lame.

  2. Aziz

    They really want to milk the latest Spidey event Adaption to cartoon in season 3 of Ultimate Spider-Man Now thisOh look, OsCola

  3. franz29

    It's Gameloft. Free to play with plenty of nearly mandatory micro-transactions to get anywhere. Having said that, it does look nice though so I'm sure I'll be suckered in.

  4. wwww789

    This game actually looks sort of fun, it even seems to have the bag-man costume! I just hope Spider-Ham will be featured at some point...

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