Spider-Celebs # 15- Prince George A Spider-Fan

princegeorgeKate Middleton has revealed that her son Prince George has Spider-Man pajamas, and is just waiting to fit into them. She recently talked to a five year old year old in Scotland. Her mother said the Dutchess said,  “George has Spiderman pyjamas but they are too big for him just now.” I’m sure she meant to have the hypen in her quote. 

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(5) Comments

  1. Danbbqman

    Oh man I didn't notice that it had been photo shopped. I really thought it was legit!

  2. frame-oh

    The metric system - haha! Excellent, you made my day.In fact we hyphenate on this side of the pond too.

  3. hornacek

    Over in the U.K. they leave the hyphen out of "Spider-Man" and other words like that. I think it has to do with the Metric system.

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