100th Spider-Man Anniversary Issue Preview

Will you be picking this up? Marvel just sent me some sample art.

Web Swing Into Tomorrow in Your First Look

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at the 100th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL – SPIDER-MAN #1, from rising star creators Sean Ryan and In-Hyuk Lee. What does the wallcrawler look like in the far-flung future of 2061? The Kingpin has taken control of his ultra-powerful techno-symbiote suit. One of his most powerful weapons in the hands of one of his most powerful enemies, Spider-Man will have to prove once again why he’s the greatest superhero in the world!

“We’re jumping into a story already in progress for this issue,’” explains writer Sean Ryan in an interview with Marvel.com. “We’re treating this issue as if it was the last

issue in a long arc that has been running in the Spider-Man books for a while. This issue sees the story coming to an end. The idea of the story being that the symbiote is back, but it’s been infused with technology that gives its host the power to plug in to the grid and control anything connected to it. And this being the future, that’s just about everything.

Each week in July sees a new 100th Anniversary Special featuring fan-favorite creators and rising stars as they envision the Marvel Universe of 2061! With the Kingpin in possession of a deadly weapon capable of limitless control, it’s up to the one and only Spider-Man to stop him. But how can he?

Find out as the wallcrawler of tomorrow fights for his life when the 100th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL – SPIDER-MAN #1 hits comic shops this July!

Written by SEAN RYAN
Art & Cover by IN-HYUK LEE
Interlocking Variant Cover by ALEXANDER LOZANO (MAY140814)
FOC – 06/16/14, On-Sale – 07/09/14

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(21) Comments

  1. Scarlet Spider

    @20 - Ah okay. Though I think Waid said that Family Business is actually in current continuity, so you could say that Fisk did know Spidey's ID at one point in post-OMD continuity, he just got his mind wiped.

  2. Stillanerd

    Well the good news is, in 2061, Mary Jane appears to still be alive and a major supporting character in the books. The bad news is that Eddie Brock is dead. :P@#1 Al -- Well, to clarify, this doesn't appear to be akin to "Spider-Man: The End" type story, or even a "What If?" in the traditional sense. Rather, the premise appears to be "What kind of comic Book stories would we be telling with these characters, including Spider-Man, if this was 2061 instead of 2014?"@#5 RDMacQ -- LOL! Well played!

  3. Scarlet Spider

    @17 - I'm predicting that it won't be Peter Parker running around in his undies fighting a tubby Venom.

  4. Al

    @#12-Dude this is just another version of like Spider-Man: Reign or the Dark Knight Returns. It isn't going to mean anything to the ongoing titles

  5. Castle

    Would honestly be kinda cool if they built towards this, it would mean at the very least we would get some decent overall plot progression with a clear goal in mind.

  6. hornacek

    @10 - But that was reversed by that long-time Spidey foe (and former show salesman - thanks Wikipedia!), Mentallo.

  7. FT95

    I bet the guys in Marvel's staff by 2061 will be laughing their asses off at some of these.Intrigued by the possibility of Fisk knowing Peter's ID btw. I wonder if that would work on 616 continuity.

  8. Al

    @#6-And by all out you mean a one off alternate universe story and then the cameo of every Spider-Man alternate ever.

  9. RDMacQ

    Marvel: "We're going all out on celebrating the 100th anniversary of Spider-Man to make up for the fact that we totally blew it on the 50th anniversary."

  10. Scarlet Spider

    @3 - Hahahaha! Peter always seems to end up in his underwear during these "dark" future stories! Though I'm more worried about what Fisk is going to have on when the Venom symbiote leaves him :(

  11. Al

    So it's basically another Spider-Man the End style story...Hell it even has Venom in it like Spider-Man Reign. Whatever, the only time one of these possible future storylines for Spider-Man have ever been good was with Spider-Girl. End of.

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