Podcast# 306 Spider-News, Dress as Spidey at Work, ASM #1 Damages,McDonalds Spider Toys

Podcast306I’m running a bit behind on releasing this episode. We recorded this in early May, but I released seven podcasts in that month and I simply ran out of month. So here is the Spider-News segment we recorded and here are the topics we cover. 
*Petition for Directors cut of ASM2 blu ray

*Voice of 1990’s Doc Ock from the Spider-Man cartoon dies.

*Retailers getting a lot of damaged copies of Amazing Spider-Man # 1

*McDonalds is doing a first with Spider-Man toys. They’re releasing both boy and girl Spider-Man toys.

*Comixology has been purchased by Amazon and the changes that are coming with it.

*Spider-Man 100th anniversary issue

*Explosions of Amazing Spider-Man #1 variants and the rarest one of all.

*May had a “Dress as Spider-Man At Work” Day.

*Andrew Garfield got in a bit of trouble talking about Spidey’s costume and was accused of being sexist.

*The Mego Spider-Man is making a return. 


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(5) Comments

  1. Nathan

    Listened to it on my way home from the Gf's, maybe one day we can share in the joys of the podcast together

  2. hornacek

    "The Spider-Man Crawl Space Podcast. Perfect for listening to while doing yard work."

  3. Randall

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to my comment, Brad. Yeah I will go back and listen to some for sure. You all will be seeing me post more on here for sure. Love the site btw.

  4. BD

    Randall, that's so nice to hear. We've had some fun episodes over the years. Feel free to check out the older episodes on iTunes. You've got 305 of them ready to download.

  5. Randall

    Awesome podcast!! After finding the site a month or so ago, this was my first SMCS podcast experience. I listened to it while I mowed the lawn and it made the time fly by. Great insight and humor. Variants are lame.

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