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dollar-spidermanThe bills are adding up for the website and I’m asking for your help to help cover them. If you’re a fan of the website, the podcasts and the message board then I’d appreciate your support. I just dropped a big chunk of change to help cover the hosting for the website for the next three months. Having 300+ podcasts and millions of visitors each year adds up in bandwidth costs.
So if you’d like to help support the Crawlspace for years to come please consider dropping a donation with the paypal link below. I will mention all the supporters on the next podcast. If everyone that visited in one day donated a dollar I’d have enough to cover the site for a full year. 


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  1. Enigma_2099

    Sorry I couldn't help out this month. But I couldn't even afford my monthly comics drop.... and I'm only buying TWO books. I'll contribute when I can, if for no other reason than to hear Brad butcher my name when thanking me on podcasts again...

  2. Evan Berry

    Thank you for the awesome site! You have my donation -- I just wish it could be more! Have a wonderful day, everyone!

  3. Jollyjovialjonahs

    Hey BD. Have you seen this?

  4. hornacek

    @6 - Well, ASM #1 is "less dark". Let's just say I was not a fan of killing off Spidey and replacing him with Doc Ock.

  5. Steve K

    Hey Brad, Been listening to the podcast and lurking around the site for years. More than happy to donate to keep the good times rolling!

  6. BD - Post author

    Herbie, I'm sorry I didn't even think about that. I'll give a printed version on the front page with a shout out too. Thanks so much! BD Thanks Hornacek for sending in $3.99 every month. You rock sir!

  7. hornacek

    Come on, ya bastards! I can't pay for this site all by myself! Just kidding. If you can give, then give what you can. This site's worth it. It kept me going through "the dark times" (i.e. post ASM #700 to ASM #1). Brad, I'd suggest offering to send every donor an official Spidey-Dollar like the one pictured above, that would be worth it. But then you might get arrested for printing money. :(

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