Rick Remender Clarifies Spider-Man and the Goblin Switch in Axis


From Newsarama. Rick Remender talked about his upcoming story line with the Red Skull and what Axis is really about. Remender also explained the switch of the Green Goblin for the Hobgoblin and how big of a part Spider-Man will play.

“The build-up has been slow; we’ve kept it in the background bubbling, and it was necessary for Red Skull to develop what he wanted to do for this next stage,” Remender reveals. “During this time, Red Skull has developed re-education camps at Genosha to brainwash some people to act out his plans.”

The next question was about the coloring change from Green Goblin to Hobgoblin in Jim Cheung’s promo image, and Brevoort confirms this was due to internal shifting in terms of the story of Green Goblin elsewhere.

Brevoort also addressed the switch between the Green Goblin and Hobgoblin, saying that the Spider-Office’s plans for the Green Goblin necessitated the change to the Hobgoblin. “Spider-Man’s big role in this doesn’t take off until the second act,” said Remender. “When we finally get Spider-Man involved, he’s going to have a large responsibility and a big role to play. As we were putting together his cast — you’ll see why in the second arc — you can’t talk about any of it without giving anything away. Yes, Hobgoblin plays just as well. We’ve got Jack O’Lantern … as well as Hobgoblin and Carnage, and the dynamics we’ve cooked up for them and how it plays into Spider-Man’s life — I can’t really say anything about it.”

Thank you Newsarama for the story. Thoughts on all of this?

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  1. wwww789

    I'm glad that they're keeping Osborns current situation consistent across the story-lines. I think Kingsley (assuming that this Hobgoblin is the Kingsley Goblin) will be a welcome addition, I've always thought him a rather underrated villain. I do sort of hope that Norman will become the Green Goblin again some time in the future, preferably with his madness and knowledge of Spider-man's identity restored, but it should be interesting in the meantime to see where Slott goes with this new face changing gimmick.

  2. 666andahalf

    As long as they do Kingsley justice, I'm down for this. Besides, Norman's been played out as a Marvel Crossover baddie.

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