New Info on Ultimate Spider-Man Web Warriors

539f7df251fe0Set your DVR’s for August 31st at 9am eastern time for the premiere of the third season of Ultimate Spider-Man. It seems this season he joins the Avengers, meets Agent Venom and also various versions of himself. I spot Spider-Girl, Peter Porker, Miles Morales, Spider-Ben, Spider-Ma 2099 and Spider-Man Noir. For more on the show check out this article on

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  1. Scarlet Spider

    Some of the characters look really weird. Spider-Girl just looks like regular Spidey if he lost some weight and stuffed his shirt, well that sucks. Why take away her regular costume? Spider-Ham on the other hand looks like he's been pumping serious iron at the gym. 2099 looks computer generated and bad.I'm torn about Miles and Noir appearing. I'm glad to see them both in animation, but this show doesn't have a great track record of doing characters justice. I wouldn't mind if they killed of this annoying version of Peter and replaced him with Miles though :).

  2. QuilSniv

    @#1: Obviously something they weren't thinking that Spider-Girl fans would see this.Also, I'm not sure if the one on the bottom right is Agent Venom, but it oddly seems way too resembling of the Anti-Sinister Six armor from Ends of the Earth? If so... what?!

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