Spider-Captions # 273

91It seems some McDonald’s workers don’t’ understand that Spidey swings upside down. Add a funny caption in the comment section to explain the error. LOL

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  1. Adam S.

    The person probably flipped it so that when the "real Spider-Man" showed up, he'd be able to read it when he's upside down.

  2. hornacek

    @3 - But American kids (and let's face it, if we're talking about kids that need exercise, we're talking about America) are too heavy to stand on their heads. They'll lean over until their belly can no longer anchor them to the ground and then they'll tip over. Like Weebles.

  3. herbiepopecker

    Also, kids who go to McDonald's too often need more exercise, so they'd have to stand on their heads to read the writing under...er...over our hero.

  4. herbiepopecker

    @ #1 But if they hang it upside-down, then wouldn't Spidey be upside-down? Instead of right downside-up? Arg....my head hurts!

  5. hornacek

    I imagine the decision-making process went something like this: Manager: "Kids aren't that bright. If they see an upside-down Spider-Man, they'll get confused. They'll tilt their head to the side in order to see him right-side up, and they'll end up falling on the floor. And who'll be held responsible and get sued? Us, that's who! Hang it upside-down, people!"

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