Crawlspace Support Week Day Five

spider man 38The bills are adding up for the website and I’m asking for your help to help cover them. If you’re a fan of the website, the podcasts and the message board then I’d appreciate your support. I just dropped a big chunk of change to help cover the hosting for the website for the next three months. Having 300+ podcasts and millions of visitors each year adds up in bandwidth costs.
So if you’d like to help support the Crawlspace for years to come please consider dropping a donation with the paypal link below. I will mention all the supporters on the next podcast. If everyone that visited in one day donated a dollar I’d have enough to cover the site for a full year.
Also o
ur friend Gene sent me an e-mail that he’s going to auction two autographed Spidey comics and give the proceeds to help support the Crawlspace. 

The first issue is autographed from Stan Lee and is Marvel Tales # 16.

The second issue is Spider-Girl # 100 which is autogrpahed by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz and Sal Buscema. 

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  1. herbiepopnecker

    Well, B.D. what kind of results did you get? The people of Delta house should send a few bucks to support the space every time they pay for their new monthly shipments - I will!Come on, fella Deltas, let's make Crawl Space Support Week a thing of the past with regular donations!

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