Actress Karen Gillan Wants to Play Spider-Girl

KarenGillainSpider-GirlLooks we have another celeb who appears to be a big-time Spidey fan in Karen Gillan. The 26-year old actress, who notably played Amy Pond in Doctor Who, and who play the role of Thanos’ daughter, Nebula, in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, sat down for an interview for the latest edition of SFX magazine, and was asked the following:

SFX: If you could play a superhero, which one would you choose?
KAREN GILLAN: Yeah, who is there…? I want to play a version of Spider-Man that’s a lady.

SFX: Spider-Woman?
GILLAN: Spider-Woman – does she exist?

SFX: There’s a Spider-Woman and a Spider-Girl.
GILLAN: I want to play Spider-Girl!

There you go Marvel and Sony–start having somebody work on that “Mayday” Parker Spider-Girl script for Ms. Gillian ASAP! (Granted, it’s probably never going to happen in a million years, but a guy can dream, can’t he?)

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  1. Stillanerd - Post author

    @#1 Ghost of Ben Reilly -- Oh wow, that would be perfect! I mean, when she was playing Amy Pond, that character practically was MJ with a Scottish accent. Excellent idea! @#9 JRT! -- One thing I forgot to mention is that Karen Gillan was also the lead in Oculus, a horror film which came out earlier this year, and quite a few of critics praised her performance in that film.

  2. Chris K.

    I'd definitely like to see Karen Gillan star as May "Mayday" Parker/Spider-Girl. She plays her roles believably well and one of the hottest redhead young women around. It depends upon if Sony wants to venture into the other Spider-heroes after enough Spidey movies are made. That's possible. Hopefully soon before Karen gets older.

  3. tevya smolka

    i am down to see this movie if it happens because i do like Mayday Parker and i love her story plus if this works then maybe just maybe we maybe able to show marvel why we love peter parker and mary jane watson still married in my opinion

  4. JRT!

    She's not. She didn't know if it was Spider-Girl or Spider-Woman. A Spidey fan would know,I think,lol! Not passing judgement till I see her in GotG. She was good in Who,a lot of actors are,but sometimes they're not that great outside of Who. J-R!

  5. herbiepopnecker

    Sorry, but I wouldn't say she's really a fan....but still would like to see the movie. I base my comment on <i>hers, she didn't come across as knowedgeable.

  6. Matt Byrd

    Hey I know that I would dig up the most MONEY to see a movie about Parker's daughter if it were made! Just to show MARVEL OR RATHER JOE "we know Who?" how much we as Spider-fans miss the Married life of Peter Parker.....because to me, I don't know about you other crawlspace visitors but that is what Marvel should have done had "THE GATHERING OF FIVE...." of Spider-man's first volume end with him tracking down Osborn yet never knowing why?, and yes I did feel ripped that Marvel cheated us the fans out of MORE "MAY "MAYDAY" PARKER History, NUFF SAID!"

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