Podcast # 309- Spider-Bra, Excited Spidey Statue, Spider-Verse, Webbed Warriors

podcast309picIn this episode we discuss the latest Spider-news. The topics include:

*A Korean Spider-Man statue had to be taken down due to a “giant sized man thing.” 
*Ever wonder how to make a Spider-Bra? 
*Prince George is a Spider-Man fan? 
*A new Spider-even called Across the Spider-verse is coming up with a new five issue mini-series
*Sony’s disappointment with the box office take of the Amazing Spider-Man 2. 
*Miles Morales joins the All New X-Men? 
*A Dollar General employee was fired for yelling at two allegedly shoplifters as their son dressed in a Spider-Man shirt sat in the front seat. This is one of funniest topics we’ve ever done thanks to JR who is hilarious in this topic. 
*Amazing Spider-Man 1 has sold more than 500,000 copies thanks to variants. 
*The third season of the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon will have a Webbed Warriors arc. 
*A man is protesting the numerous potholes in his city by dressing up as Spidey and informing traffic to call city  hall.
*We also welcome Michael aka Stillanerd as a full-time panelist. 


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