Podcast # 310- ASM # 1.1 and #2 Reviews

podcast310picHighlights of this episode include:
*Itune Reviews
*Reviews of Amazing Spider-Man # 1.1 which is the first part of the Learning to Crawl mini-series.
*Review of Amazing Spider-Man #2


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(5) Comments

  1. BD - Post author

    Thanks AmFam15Randall-You're the second person to say they listen to the show mowing. I tend to not listen to podcasts while mowing since I like a beat and can't hear the voices that well. Maybe I just have a loud mower.

  2. Hairychap

    I may be remembering this wrong, as I've not read civil war in ages either, but was Peter's objection to the negative zone prison not more about the indefinite detention of folks without due process rather than the fact it was a prison? Either way, great show again guys.

  3. Douglas

    What if they're building up Anna Maria to be a great female villain and that's why she's so fine with all of it.

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