Amazing Spider-Man #3 Ryan’s vidcast Review

I review issue #3 of the relaunched Spider-Man book. While I love what is going on with the main supporting cast and Silk subplot. EVERYTHING, about the Black Cat story line just irks me. So much that I try my best JK Simons impersonation to express my anger with it and with J. Jonah Jameson.

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  1. Ryan3178

    @12 - Y, I agree. I'm trying to stop, I'm getting better. I don't know why "actually" comes up in my vocals so much these days. "Like" use to be now it's "actually". I'm sure I'll stop and then some other word will be my new prime word.

  2. Randall

    I think they are making Black Cat the Marvel version of Catwoman and that just isn't her character. I am not a fan of this plot thread either right now.

  3. Y: The Last Nerd

    New drinking game: Everybody take a shot every time this guy says "actually" during this review!

  4. Ryan3178

    Exactly, Lee! That's what I'm also getting at, I can take amoral Felicia to a point but this just puts her to sociopathic, which she never has been.

  5. Lee

    The argument they like her better as an antagonist or should be after superior is valid. What's not valid is how over the top she is to the point she would let a fireman die, or use her luck powers to potentially kill prisoners. Also just how slimed is it for Felicia to break into a home and string up and gag the residents. Just think of a burglar doing that to you and how unnerving or terrifying it would be. Felicia is amoral to a point, but she isn't someone that lacks empathy or is antisocial personality.

  6. Ryan3178

    Also, had someone say on my channel said people are too bent out if shape with Black Cat and that she's better this way. I'm like huh?

  7. Ryan3178

    @7 Stillanerd- You have hit the mark on the head, it makes Felcia look like an idiot. This is a character who had her own detective agency, help pull Captain America and Iron Man out of the frying pan a couple of times and now she's all: "My cred is ruined." "Die Spider-Man, hey Electro do you want to team up?" @6 Lee- Thank you. Exactly, as I just mentioned its not like she doesn't have a history with other super heroes besides Spider-Man. Also, why do they keep hiding Silk's face? Unless she is disfigured. Also, her brother is 19, which means she had to be at least 13 years older than him in the new time line. Of course, I'm 12-14 years older than my siblings.

  8. Stillanerd

    @#4 Lee -- Yep. Even after Spidey explains to her that it was Doc Ock and not him who attacked her, Black Cat says "I don't care! The Spider took me down. Made me look like a fool. No one will ever respect me again...unless I make an example of you. Unless I make you pay!" And even after Spidey pretends to be Doc Ock and thus makes her realize that maybe Spidey was telling the truth as well gets her to run away, Black Cat still thinks "Who cares?! I had the perfect life. It's gone. And everyone knows the Spider took it from me. The only way I can get it back--and make sure I keep it this time--is to make him pay."

  9. Lee

    For that matter why are the other heroes allowing her to steal? This is just a complete reworking of even the appearances she had outside of spider comics.

  10. Lee

    One more thing. What about all the other heroes that Felicia has worked with over the years, why hasn't she chosen to work with villains to help her if she is still the same exact amoral character from her introduction as a character.

  11. Lee

    Its because Her street cred got tarnished? But the last two issues it was because she lost all her nice stuff, and rich friends who knew what she did for a living

  12. Stillanerd

    I gave this issue a "B-" in my own review for the issue as well, Ryan. And I am in complete agreement with you regarding the Black Cat's heel-turn. Bad enough she went full-blown super-villain based on a misunderstanding, but now she still wants revenge even after being told the truth because she cares more about how her street cred as a thief got tarnished? Give me a break.

  13. Ryan3178

    I know they have thrown these characters so under the bus to fit their view of what should be "fun and original stories."

  14. Lee

    I just dropped Spidey because of the Black Cat. I love Black Cat and while I could get behind her becoming more of a villain, I can't get behind the extreme turn around thats happened here and just the oddity of how over the top she is has ruined the positives the book does have. The inconsistencies with the rationale that has been thrust on to MJ since OMD also seem to be a bit of a head scratcher, there is zero nuance to people under the author's pen.

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