Emma Stone Prank with the Spice Girls

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  1. JRT!

    Ok,trying YET AGAIN! True that,it was mean,but can't fault the technique. Don't get me wrong,I used to enjoy the show,but lately it's just become kinda meh,like so many other shows. I did love when Chris Pine,Kim Cattrall and Benedict Cumberbatch were guests and Benny did an impression of Norton,THAT was funny! And I love Andrew's reaction in this clip,lol! J-R!

  2. Al

    I actually quite like Graham Norton. It was mean but...you can't fault the technique. That was some quality class trolling right there.

  3. JRT!

    He's an asshole! Gives us Brits a bad name. lol! He has some good guests from time to time though,but he's not that funny. J-R!

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