Podcast # 311- Friday Night Fight ASM 282

podcast311picIn this June Friday Night Fight we tackle a classic fight between Spider-Man and the original X-Factor. George takes us back to November 1986 and we look at Amazing Spider-Man 282. 


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(2) Comments

  1. hornacek

    For "Living With Iceman" I'd suggest Jean Grey and Emma Frost. It would work better if it was "Living With Cyclops" but no matter which guy they were living with, there would lots of conflict and shenanigans (with sexy results). I liked the gag in X2 where Wolverine has the warm beer and asks Bobby to cool it for him.

  2. Stillanerd

    As a fan of the X-Men, I agree, George--The only time Warren ever became an interesting character and useful to the team was after Apocalypse got a hold of him and turned him into Archangel. As for casting the two ladies for "Living With Iceman," I propose Firestar and Rogue.

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