Podcast # 312- Spider-History June 1994

Podcast312picJR takes us back 20 years and spotlights the Spider-books that came out in June of 1994. He takes on 
*Amazing Spider-Man #390
*Spider-Man # 47
* Spectacular Spider-Man # 213
*Web of Spider-Man # 113
20 years ago all these books had variant covers and we’re just a couple months away from the Clone Saga. 


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(3) Comments

  1. hornacek

    @2 - Every generation gets their own clone saga.Ah, the 90s, when you could show a popular comic book character smoking on the cover. Sorry NBC's Constantine, you won't be allowed to smoke on your show this fall.

  2. AndrewC

    Do you know more time has passed between now and the 90's clone saga, than had between the 90's clone saga and the 70's clone saga!! :O So we're overdue for the 3rd clone saga!!! 8-O

  3. AmFan15

    The mid-90's...yeah, that was definitely a rough time for Spider-Man, and Marvel in general. So rough in fact that I quit reading Marvel altogether, and went over to the Distinguished Competition for a while.

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