Wanted: Miles Morales and All New Ultimate Reviewers

detaildetail (1)Our friend Adam had to step down from his duties of reviewing the All New Ultimates book and the Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man book. I”m looking for someone to review both or one of them. Please send in a sample review to my e-mail address. Please keep with the formatting of the other reviews on the site. I’ll pick a reviewer fairly quickly, so get your submission in ASAP. 

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  1. George Berryman

    @2 - We'll still be reviewing it. We'll probably be recording new reviews for USM cartoons either next week or the week after as our personal schedules allow.

  2. Emmanuel Jimenez

    Did you guys ever pick a reviewer for the series or can I still work on a submission?

  3. Shaun Martineau

    @Hynesj: We generally adhere to a format like this: An opening statement/quote, credits, a brief summary, a section of the review where we post our thoughts (this is generally where we mix things up and should always be the largest segment), and then we end with a verdict and try to give a grade (most of tend to use the A-F grading scale)

  4. UltimateSpiderFan

    What happened to the Ultimate Spider Man reviews because series 3 is a few episodes in.

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