Houston Children’s Muesum To Host Two-Week Long Spider-Man Exhibit

Spider-ManChildrensMuseumAs part of their “Summer of Epic Adventure: The Sequel,” The Children’s Museum of Houston, TX will be hosting a series of events and interactive science exhibits called “Weave a Wild Web Epic” from July 24 to August 6–all of which are apparently Spider-Man themed. August 1st in particular, dubbed “Spider-Man Day,” will feature “a Spider-Man appearance” and a “Silly String Showdown” where kids can “Duke it out in Spider-Man inspired silly string shootout.” As according to the Children’s Museum’s promotional blurb:

Are your spider senses tingling? Swing into gear and team up with everyone’s friendly neighborhood wall crawler while putting your Spidey skills to the test! Practice your limberness, body awareness and pattern recognition as you weave your way through a simulated laser-alarm maze in The Arena. Use Peter Parker’s knowledge of chemistry and molecular bonds to make your own web fluid slime for you to take home at the Heroes’ Hideout. Become the friendly neighborhood web-slinger of Kidtropolis when you create abstract web art with yarn in the Alexander Art Academy.

Sources: The Children’s Museum of Houston and The Rancher 

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