Collectors 7-20-14


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  1. George Berryman

    The last time I went to SDCC (2002) it was still just mostly comics and hadn't yet been commandeered/subsumed by the larger entertainment industry. I'd been before then in 1995 but that had all been arranged; we were there for the whole week, we got shuttled to the convention center, we got to use a side entrance and we didn't have to fight the lines. But my 2002 trip was spur of the moment. I was already out west a week before it started and got talked into staying another week so I could go and meet some friends. Then I got to stand in the line with people who were in that special level of Hell you go to for people who didn't buy tickets in advance. It wrapped around the building, all the way to the back, and it took two and a half hours to get through. Hellish!

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