Around the Spider-Verse: MC2 Peter Parker

I return to the MC2 Universe to talk about the history of the Peter Parker of that universe, better known as Spider-Girl’s Father.

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  1. ryan3178 - Post author

    She was just mentioned in those issues, never beyond that. DeFalco felt it made sense that Peter would eventually meet someone like Carlie through his post battle with Norman Osborn and get a job referral. Which is what lead him and Phil to the Police Force. It made plenty of sense in my opinion without Carlie Cooper being used as something other than a friend in passing.

  2. Aziz

    "Referral from Carlie Cooper" That means there is someone else here who read that "Mr & Mrs. Spider-Man" in a "Spider-Man Family" issue here introducing Carlie in this universe Is Carlie mentioned in a Spider-Girl comic from the post OMD days? I seriously have not read much of Spider-Girl

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