Amazing Spider-Man 3 Officially Pushed to 2018

PHefgFBis64Qhg_1_mDeadline is reporting that Sony will now officially release Amazing Spider-Man 3 in 2018. The movie was originally going to be released on June 10, 2016, but that date is now held for the Uncharted movie based on the Playstation video game. 
The Sinister Six movie is still a go with a release date of November 11, 2016. What are your thoughts on moving the movie back a couple years?

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  1. Bill

    The recipe for making a good / successful Spider-Man movie seems like a no-brainer. Take one Spider-Man, add a classic Spidey villain, mix in some decent plot and story for Peter Parker (girlfriend problems, money problems, school problem, etc.), liberally sprinkle with awesome action scenes and special effects, bake at 350 degrees for 2 hours. Serve to audience and watch money come pouring in.One would think that you'd actually have to try hard in order to screw that up. But it seems that Sony is hell bent on doing just that.Hopefully Marvel / Disney will be able to strike a deal to bring the web-slinger back home to where he belongs.

  2. J.A. Morris

    This is what happens when we 3 Marvel movies from 3 studios in such a short time. It's silly for Sony to expect $1 billion payday in that scenario.

  3. Stillanerd

    @#2 George Berryman and #5 Ryan3178 -- Abso-frigging-loutely! And who knows, given this four year gap between Amazing Spider-Man 2 and 3, Marvel getting the film rights back might actually happen sooner than we think.@#11 David -- Great link, David. Most pertinent quote in that article: "If I could sum up in one thought the reason [for the slide], it's competition...Captain America being out a month before us domestically might have, to some extent, satisfied the pent-up demand for a superhero movie. And there was a lot of competition after we opened as well." Translation: "Those other films had better screenplays than we did."

  4. Daniel

    @#3 totally agree that he has and likely will be wasted. Highly unfortunate (for the fans)

  5. Iron Patriot

    Three years. Three years would have been alright. That was the time between Cap 2, X-Men First Class and Batman Begins with their respective sequels. I don't think there's anything that'd overshadow it in 2017.Just. What?

  6. David

    FWIW - HR's analysis: 'Spider-Man' Fatigue: What's Behind Sony's Release Date Retreat

  7. Doc Wyoming

    @ #2 Well played, yes, why not have every movie be a reboot of the origin story.... just like the comic reboots every five years....

  8. Scarlet Spider

    Saw it coming, but still disappointed. By the time ASM3 comes out Garfield is going to be too old too pull of college aged Peter, and I have a horrible feeling that he may end up being re-cast. Sony doesn't seem to realize that a movie about the Sinister Six isn't going to bring in the massive box office profit that they're looking for. I don't see the general public going out of their way to see a movie that might not feature Spider-man at all.

  9. Ryan3178

    This is just bad news. 4 years for the next one? Please, sony just give Spidey back to Marvel.

  10. parabolee

    That is insane! It does not take 4 years to write and film a good script! They are going to waste Garfield's talent by never writing him a Spider-Man movie worthy of his Spider-Man performance at this rate!

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