JR Voices the Green Goblin

I got a nice e-mail from Jonathan with Thwip Studios.  He is taking classic Spidey stories and turning them into motion comics. His first two videos are tackling Spider-Man: Blue. Our own JR from the podcast is voicing the Green Goblin and Norman Osborn. So check out the videos they’re very well done. His next comic is Kraven’s Last Hunt and I’ll be performing the part of the newsman. That should be a lot of fun.

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  1. xonathan

    It is my disgust for OMD and current handling of the character in comics and other media that motivates me to make these adapations

  2. hornacek

    Shouldn't Peter be voiced by Deadpool during this episode? :)"I love you Mary Jane. And I promise that I will never lose you. Ever." Oh man, that line is now a twist of the knife that Marvel plunged into our collective backs.

  3. xonathan

    Hey everyone, episode 03 is uphttp://youtu.be/aewAw1N3y4IHear JR's inner Norman really come out! Thanks

  4. hornacek

    I forgot this mini-series had Peter meeting MJ for the first time at Aunt May's house. Somewhere, Bertone's head is exploding.

  5. Wwww789

    I have to say, the voice he uses for the Goblin sounds a lot more threatening than Dafoes or any of the animated show voices I've heard. The guy playing Spidey is excellent as well, he has just the right amount of youth and cockiness in his voice without it becoming annoying like with some voices for the character.I always found this particular story a little middling but the artwork is incredible, and the way this video was put together is most impressive.

  6. Evan

    That's really cool! It sounds like a good time! I'm looking forward to watching these videos (when I leave my desk at work).

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