Rick Remender and Nick Lowe explain the switch of goblins in AXIS


Live from SDCC. The AXIS Marvel Comics Panel is going on right now. I grabbed this news on why the Green Goblin was switched out for the Hobgoblin and how Jack O’Lantern is now part of the story.

A Fan asked a question about the change in Goblins in AXIS. Lowe explained to a fan why an early “AXIS” teaser shifted from depicting Green Goblin to Norman Osborn. Following the “Goblin Nation” storyline in “Superior Spider-Man,” Lowe said, “it wasn’t going to be possible” for Norman Osborn to have a role in “AXIS.” “What Dan ended up doing with Norman didn’t fit with ‘AXIS’ anymore,” Remender added. “I think it worked out for the better. We still have big Spider-Man piece, and Spider-Man himself, will play a role. Hobgoblin is a more interesting piece, I think, once we got to it.”

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  1. Jack

    I'm sorry to see that they confirmed that it actually was Norman Osborn in Goblin Wars. Slott's Goblin talked and acted more like the Joker, tee-heeing and mincing all over the scenery. I was hoping that it would turn out to actually be some shnook named Mason Banks who was (somehow) masquerading as Norman, and that the shadowed mystery character who was talking to him was the real Norman. Just chalk it up to another classic ASM character mangled by Dan Slott.

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