New Spider-Woman title will launch out of Spider-Verse

Spider-Woman_LandRevealed today at San Diego Comic Con, there will be a new Spider-Woman title spinning out of the events of Spider-Verse and will feature Jessica Drew and Cindy Moon, aka Silk.

The new series will be written by Avengers Arena and Avengers Undercover writer Dennis Hopeless with art by Greg Land.


UPDATE: George here with some more info via Comicosity:

At their Sunday afternoon Women of Marvel panel at San Diego Comic Con, Marvel Comics announced the arrival of Spider-Woman, a new ongoing starring Jessica Drew and the mysterious Silk, the second victim of the spider-bite that gave Peter Parker his powers! Launching in November, this series will be written by Dennis Hopeless and illustrated by Greg Land.

We’re almost back to the days of the grand old nineties, when a character selling a hot dog to Beast at a 7-11 in an X-Men comic would get his own six-issue limited series. It’s not that bad here; Spider-Woman’s a power hitter. But she’s not the oddity here. Marvel is Desperately Seeking Silk!

–George Berryman!

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  1. Nick MB

    @20 She's been in every issue of that ASM storyline since the very start. As forced. out of nowhere appearances go, I've seen worse.

  2. Enigma_2099

    @#14She's also featured on a cover with Black Cat and Electro standing over a downed Spider-Man. Maybe the idea is to force her into everyd***thing until fans accept her.

  3. Scarlet Spider

    @5 - That is a very good point. I'd actual totally forgotten about Arana, which I guess is testament to how badly the character bombed.

  4. Evan

    I like that Silk will have an actual costume. In the image it looks like she's just tossed Jessica Drew into the air.

  5. Nick MB

    @15 But the "Because you demanded it" was a sarcastic comment on a Facebook page, not something they actually said. Marvel are giving the character a push because they think it's something people might want to read/buy - if you don't agree then fair enough, don't read/buy it, but I'm not quite sure why it's so wrong of them to hope people might like something they've spent time creating?If they don't enthuse about their work, who will? I'm pretty sure they'll sell more copies and have more fun by enthusing about how awesome their work is, rather than slinking around muttering "Y'know, we've made this, give it a shot if you want, it's okay, I suppose..."

  6. hornacek

    @10 - Of those characters all of them already existed before Slott wrote them into ASM. Except for Alpha. And we're all still talking about him, right?@14 - It does seem like they're creating hype where it doesn't exist regarding Silk. It feels like they thought us readers would *love* Silk exactly like they thought we would love Alpha. I think the Crawl Space Facebook post for this story said it best - "because the fans demanded it!" Really? The character that has made one full-issue appearance? Us fans are demanding that she be put into a book of her own?

  7. Nick MB

    @9 - I don't think there's an element of lying or brainwashing about her popularity here, it's pretty clear they were always going to launch her into this co-starring thing no matter what happened. Since her first full appearance hasn't even been out a week yet.I guess the thinking is that if they wait until she's appeared in ASM/Original Sin/Spider-Verse and then start working up a book, it'll be this time next year (or later) before it actually comes out, whereas this way, anyone who likes Silk can jump straight into Spider-Woman. And if no-one likes her... oh well, at least they tried.@13 - Spider-Woman's pretty well-known but hasn't sustained many solo titles before, and Silk is getting a pretty big spotlight in Marvel's biggest selling ongoing. Maybe the idea is that they might be stronger together - after all, established veteran/overeager newbie is a fairly standard dynamic for a book. No reason it couldn't work.

  8. Enigma_2099

    @#8Tell 'em to try it with a solo book instead of lumping her with already established fan favorites, and then get back to us.

  9. Al

    Also is it just me but does that image look like Silk is giving Jessica Drew a Fastball Special?

  10. Al

    @#1-I'm no X-Men expert but wasn't Hope Summers kinda sorta a waste of time?Also, whilst I am not saying it's good or bad (at least not here) is it just me or does Slott's run have like...ALOT of spin-off characters/stories which exist to spin-off characters? Agent Venom, Kaine, Alpha, Spider-Man 2099, Anti-Venom (Slott introduced him in one of his BND arcs) and now Silk.

  11. Stillanerd

    #8 Nick MB -- It's a question of Marvel introducing new characters, but rather how they're introducing them. After all, Silk has only been in four issues of Amazing Spider-Man, three of which were brief flashbacks, and already Marvel is trying to promote and sell her as their latest breakout fan-favorite character.

  12. Stillanerd

    @#5 George Berryman -- Exactly! And notice how all throughout the promotion for Spider-Verse, Anya Corazon hasn't even been talked about once.

  13. The Amazing Bag-Man

    I like Jess, but Greg Land is on art. I'll probably pick up issue 1 and make a decision on whether to keep going.

  14. Scarlet Spider

    I like Spider-Woman, so I'll probably give this a try. Marvel are really pushing Silk though, I've got a feeling she's going to stick around in ASM after Spider-Verse too. At least she's being given a better suit in this series.

  15. EvilAndy

    Avengers Arena and Avengers Undercover are two of my recent favorite titles so I think this is great news!

  16. Stillanerd

    Well, even though Silk's new costume is a bit generic, it's a definite improvement. Having Hopeless and Land penning this series, however, definitely gives me pause. Also, these comments by Hopeless really stuck out more than anything:<blockquote>This is going to sound weird but writing Jessica is a lot like writing Cable...she’s not the kind of person who wants to sit around and discuss her past. She throws it over her shoulder and carries it with her to whatever’s next......In war story terms, Silk’s the new recruit to Jessica’s veteran. It’s Spider-Woman’s job to keep this girl alive and that’s no easy task. Silk is incredibly powerful and enthusiastic about being a hero, but from Jessica’s perspective she’s a dangerous liability. Silk’s inexperience makes her unpredictable and that scares the hell out of Jess. You can definitely expect these two to butt heads.</blockquote>So if I'm reading this right, and that Hopeless sees Jessica Drew as a sort of "female Cable," and given what the main plot behind this series is, then he's pretty much all but admitted that Silk is essentially to Spider-Man what Hope was to the X-Men--another super-powerful "chosen one" who has to be safeguarded and protected at all costs.

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