SDCC: New Marvel Legends Figures

016-Marvel-SDCC-2014-Hasbro-Panel-Images-150x150It seems like every year we get a new series of figures announced at San Diego Comic Con and this year was no different.
Among the new figures announced were:
Phil Urich Hobgoblin.
Amazing Spider-Man Marvel NOW!
Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker)
Spider-Man 2099

Personally I am super excited to finally get a Marvel Legend of Mayday. After Arana getting a figure in the last wave, I am happy to see her get one this go around. Speaking of that wave, I’ll have a review of the Amazing Spider-Man figure soon!
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  1. Scarlet Spider

    I haven't bought action figure in years, but that Spider-Girl one looks really good. What's the difference between a standard Amazing Spider-Man figure and the Marvel NOW one? I really can't see any difference.

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