Disney Infinity Game Introduces Green Goblin

Well sort of. It’s not the classic Green Goblin or even any of the movie variants.

Instead Disney Infinity players can look forward to the Ultimate Green Goblin.



–George Berryman!

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  1. Scarlet Spider

    @5 - This is the Disney Green Goblin, outside of the hulk-ish appearance he's nothing like the actual Ultimate Goblin. So as annoying as it seems, it sorta makes sense for this incarnation of the Goblin to be in the game. Of course that doesn't make it any less lame that this is the version of the Green Goblin that kids are being exposed to. :(

  2. QuilSniv

    Is Disney really so desperate to get their shows more views that they're using alternate versions of the Green Goblin? Couldn't they just use the original characters to be true to the characters in general, instead of Hulk/Iron Man Goblin? I don't want to play Disney DLC that advertises Drake Bell's comic book deadpool Spidey.

  3. Wwww789

    It's interesting that adaptations these days seem to like mixing the Ultimate comics version of the Goblin with the original version. (in that he's mutated as in the ultimate universe, but with the glider and gadgets of his 616 counterpart) I think for a live action film it sort of makes sense to take that approach, since the 616 goblins costume is extremely hard to get right outside of illustration, (as the Raimi films showed) but in any other medium I tend to prefer the original design.

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