Spider-Man Fight With Would-Be Thief Caught On Tape

SpiderManStreetPerformerFightAs some of you may already know, we here at the Spider-Man Crawlspace have reported on stories, both on the front page and on the podcast, about altercations involving street-performers dressed up as Spider-Man. First, there was the story I posted last month chronicling two-separate incidents involving “Spidey” which lead to New York City officials proposing legislation for costumed street performers.  Then, a few days ago, George Berryman posted a story about another Spidey attacking a New York City police officer.  What is common about all three of those incidents, aside from how those involved are dressed as Spidey, is that the street-performers were the one’s who were the perpetrators.  This time, however, a street-performing Spidey actually tried to stop a criminal–not in New York City, but across the Atlantic over Dublin, Ireland.

The crime in question? Apparently, someone tried to steal “Spidey’s” money. What’s more, the whole incident was caught on tape, posted to Facebook, and has now gone viral, becoming one of the most watched YouTube videos in Ireland. 

As reported by ABC News:

 The man who shot the video, Robert Bolster, says the altercation started beside Dublin’s main pedestrian shopping district after the man tried to steal Spider-Man’s cash proceeds from a day’s work posing for photos.

Tuesday’s footage shows the man punch Spider-Man, one of Dublin’s most visible street performers, at least twice in the side of the head before Spider-Man trips him, pushes him to the pavement and repeatedly blocks him from fleeing.

Police arrested both men, who were released pending further inquiries.

You can see the incident in the video below:

UPDATE: It seems that perpetrator may have been a drug addict attempting to steal some cash in order to get his next fix, at least according to Robert Bolster’s original post on his Facebook which reads:

Only in Dublin do you see a junkie robbing Spider-mans money.

Also, the Spider-Man in Dublin his been a regular in the city for some time.

Sources: ABC News.com , Breaking News.ie , The Arcade.ie, The Telegraph, and The Irish Times.


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  1. David

    And then Spidey visited a museum: http://www.khou.com/story/news/local/neighborhood/2014/08/01/spiderman-childrens-museum/13486675/

  2. hornacek

    "It seems that perpetrator may have been a drug addict attempting to steal some cash in order to get his next fix"The return of Freak!

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