Ryan Read is selling his original Comic Book Sketches on EBay

Hey everyone, your buddy Ryan here again. Several weeks ago, I put up my Comic Books on EBay to help pay bills. As some of you may not know, my wife, Melissa lost her job back in May and money has been tight. We are currently paying off debt. I am now selling several original signed sketches I have had made by artists such as David Finch to Ethan Van Sciver. These are all original works that I’m hoping will get Melissa and I ahead just a little bit. Please check out the auctions below and help to spread the word. Thanks.

David Finch Spider-Woman Sketch

Jim Starlin Thanos Quick Ink Sketch

Phil Jimenez Emma Frost Sketch

Eric Jimenez Conan the Barbarian Sketch

Skottie Young Night Thrasher Ink Sketch

Geoff Johns Kid Flash Sketch

Doug Mahnke Zatanna Sketch

Rob Liefeld Cyborg Sketch

Don Kramer Dr. Fate Sketch

Philip Tan Havok Sketch

Skottie Young Firefox Sketch

Tom Derenick Catwoman Sketch

Adam Kubert Cable Quick Ink Sketch

Amanda Conner Wolverine Color Sketch

Don Kramer Original Flash Jay Garrick Sketch

Ethan Van Sciver Green Lantern Kyle Rayner Sketch

Buzz Atom Smasher Ink Well Sketch

Carlos Pacheco Stargirl Sketch

Adi Granov Iron Man Sketch

Ande Parks Green Arrow Quick Ink Sketch

Mitch Gerads Punisher Sketch

J.H. Williams III Original Flash Jay Garrick Sketch

Steve Lieber Original Art Whiteout Card Ink Sketch

Michael Lark Daredevil Ink Sketch

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