Humerto Ramos and Bleeding Cool Dust-Up Over Supposed Spider-Verse Spoilers

RamosSpider-VerseIt appears Amazing Spider-Man artist, Humberto Ramos, might have revealed the outcome of the upcoming Spider-Man crossover event, “Spider-Verse”…or perhaps Rich Johnson of Bleeding Cool mistranslated what he actually said.  That appears to be latest controversy centered around the comic book rumor website involving yet another employee of Marvel.

It began with Ramos appearing on Los Forasteros, a weekly Spanish-language comic book podcast of which the artist is a panelist.  During the course of the program, most of which was devoted to discussing Gerado Sandoval becoming the regular artist for Marvel’s upcoming Guardians 3000, Ramos made mention of what was happening in Spider-Verse.  And here’s where things get a little lost in translation.

According to Bleeding Cool, Ramos supposedly revealed the outcome of the event.  As according to their article posted yesterday, Friday, October 2, 2014:

Humberto stated that people will be again angry with Spider-Man writer Dan Slott at the end of the current storyline, Spider-Verse. Not because he’ll have someone else take over Peter Parker’s mind again, but that the real Spider-Man will be lost in another reality.

And in the Marvel Universe? His role in New York, and in the comic, will be replaced for months by the Spider-Gwen Stacy from Edge Of Spider-Verse.

Needless to say, this would be a potential bombshell for Spider-Man fans if true.  But not so fast, says the host of Los Forasteros, Luis Gantús.  In an official statement to Bleeding Cool, Gantús made the following response:

“The content posted in your Bleeding Cool article is taken ridiculously out of context, and any Spanish-speaking person can easily notice it. The problem lies with an Anglosphere native editorial staff who has taken at face value the erroneous information… and he will make it clear that any of the spoilers you published is an speculation by Bleeding Cool since they weren’t mentioned by him at all in the broadcast. All he said was Spidey fans will probably complain about what is to come.

Gantús also took objection the way Bleeding Cool reported how Sandoval came to work for Marvel, specifically over comments about how Ramos supposedly introduced Sandoval to DC Group Editor, Eddie Berganza, and what Bleeding Cool interpreted as rather despairing remarks towards him.

“Everyone at Los Forasteros is an active comic book creator, yet only Humberto has a contract with Marvel, that should tell you something about how Humberto is not in any way the “pimp” of Mexican people who break into the American market.

“We don’t know who your source was for the article, but we believe this report was made in bad faith and animosity towards Ramos and the people in the show. We want nothing but the best for all comic book artists and publishers who we know work hard to give the consumers the stories they deserve, an we hope and invite the Bleeding Cool editorial to check with us, and double-check the facts in the future.

After the original article was posted, Ramos issued the following statement on his Facebook page:

It is hard to make a name in this industry, but harder is to find good friends in it. Now imagine the anger and frustration you feel when “an exclusive” note threatens a long time friendship. Let me be clear, Eddie Berganza is not only a great editor but a good friend, the malicious note written by @bleedingcool of the things I said on my radio show @los_forasteros, were taken out of context, endangering that long time friendship, but with a little luck it won’t succeed. This is how I see it, when you have good and close friends you let yourself go a bit with the way you talk to them. But some people don’t get it and above of it they manipulate this information, taking it out of context and and presenting “their” version to their followers and creating a problem where there wasn’t, but still…

Eddie, If my words offended you, your work or your reputation I’m sorry carnal, I love you pinche guatemalteco.

Also I want to apologize to both @marvel and @dccomics for involuntary involving them in this high school style gossip, and let me be clear on this issue THERE IS NOTHING I RESPECT MORE THAN MY JOB, SO THERE IS NOTHING I RESPECT MORE THAN BOTH COMPANIES and to them I also apologize for any embarrassment I brought on to you and the talent and editorial staff whom i might offended because of this.

And for bleeding cool, I’ve always tried to be helpful with you everytime you’ve contacted me but in the future spare me to be unpolite to you, don’t contact me again.

Sandoval also responded to the Bleeding Cool article with a statement of his own:

“Humberto Ramos’ answer in the face of such silliness denotes how Bleeding Cool’s article was very defamatory, and done in an irresponsible manner. It is filled with lies about what ensued in my visi to Los Forasteros show, making it look as if Ramos was responsible for my job at Marvel, and also like he was attacking Eddie Berganza, DC Comics editor and a beloved friend of all of us…

…In the Forasteros episode in question, Humberto never pronounced the words assumed in the article by Bleeding Cool about an invitation to break into Marvel. No Spider-Man spoilers of future plans for the series was mentioned.

The content of the transmission was badly translated and sent to the Bleeding Cool editors. And it hurts their reputation to not verify their information. Whoever sent this report was looking to inconvenience all of us, including you. Bleeding Cool’s guys.”

You can read the Bleeding Cool article, which has been edited since it’s original posting, and (if your Spanish is up-to-date) watch and listen to the actual Los Forasteros episode in question below and come to your own conclusions.

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  1. PeterParkerFan

    I don't think Peter is going to be replaced by Spider-Gwen or Silk in the end of Spider-Verse because he's in the cover and solicitation for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #16. The issue comes out after Spider-Verse ends in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 15 only thing I'm worried about is the fate of Mayday. I hope they would not kill her off.

  2. James Deen

    And thus when you keep pulling stuff like this Dan Slott it will provide another reason why us fans will never adore your work fully as oppose to some of your other fans that do. He keeps on throwing poor Spider-Man under the bus in favour of his other dreadful characters like Silk, Carlie Cooper or Spider-Gwen. Man times like this I feel very sorry for the character of Peter Parker, it really seems like he is never going to be fixed, his comics, television series as well as his movies are taking a nose dive, remember how ages ago in a podcast on this site Brad made the comment about how he was worried that one day Spider-Man was going to stop selling? Well now that's actually happening maybe not financially to a large extent but many people are losing respect for this character. I really miss what Paul Jenkins and JMS brought to this character in the early 200's, these guys finally gave us an older Peter Parker that was genuinely funny and a nice guy that was willing to fight for what's right and they created some of the best stories of Spider-Man going above and beyond to win, him inspiring other people to never giving up and he always accepted responsibility for his actions. Brand new day wiped that all away with boring and painful 60/70's story remakes, made the book about purely sex, badly created villains and had mis characterisation on the main protagonist as well as his supporting cast members.

  3. Enigma_2099

    If this is true... HOT D***, I PULLED A "CRAZY CHRIS!!!"

  4. Scarlet Spider

    @30 - Marvel replacing young, hip, ladies man Spidey with 'old,' married, school teacher Spider-Man? Never gonna happen.

  5. AC

    I know i'm dreaming, but the spider-men of all univeres is coming for the big throwdown with Morlun...could that include a Spider-Man from a universe where OMD didn't happen? And maybe that character replaces our current Spider-Man?

  6. Scarlet Spider

    @27 - I agree completely. I didn't make it very clear in my last post, but I was just talking about the Peter that Slot wrote in LTC. Slott's best interpretation of Peter was in Learning To Crawl, and the version of Peter in LTC was just a emulation of the Lee/Ditko era Peter. So I get the impression from reading LTC that Slott can only write a 'good' version of Spider-Man when he uses old Lee/Ditko template.The current ASM Peter Parker reads like a original Dan Slott character that just happens to be named Peter Parker, he is definitely nothing like the Lee/Ditko Peter.

  7. Cheesedique

    @26 Yeah, if that's the route they plan on going, it does sound very similar to Morrison's Batman RIP as well as 'the Return of Bruce Wayne', with Bruce "lost in the timestream" (and having to fight his way back) after being zapped by Darkseid in 'Final Crisis'.

  8. Chase the Blues Away

    #26:Slott isn't even writing Lee/Ditko Peter Parker, because that Peter Parker was framed by his sense of responsibility vis-a-vis his power.Slott's "Peter" is just an immature, incompetent douche. But the most writing advice says to write what you know...

  9. Scarlet Spider

    @25 - In my opinion Slott's writing has been one of the biggest problems with Spider-Man's direction since OMD. After reading LTC I've come to the conclusion that he's unable to write a original, mature Peter Parker and is far more comfortable emulating the Lee-Ditko era Spider-Man.The Batman comparison is pretty spot one, though Batman's main title and ASM are polar opposites in terms of quality. Also, this supposed plot of Peter being lost in another reality and being replaced by Gwen is remarkably similar to the general premise of Grant Morrison's Batman R.I.P, where Dick Grayson becomes Batman while Bruce Wayne is lost in the time stream.

  10. Cheesedique

    Maybe Slott really hates the direction Marvel editorial took Spider-man after OMD, and he's trying to subvert it, consciously or not. I don't really believe that though, Slott seems like a company man through and through.What they're doing now is nothing short of the Batman-ing of Spidey nowadays. They see the success of the Bat-family and all his books (some of which routinely best Spider-man in sales), and want to try to duplicate that with Spider-man--so we get the return of Kaine, 2099, Silk, and all this Spider-verse stuff (after Batman INC.). We get stuff like Learning to Crawl (after Snyder's Zero Year arc). We get a Gary Stu Otto as Spidey who's super-gadgeted and unbeatable, pretty much an ersatz Batman. We get a Black Cat who returns to villainy (apparently Catwoman has done the same in recent months).But nevermind that Batman has 4 or 5 of his own monthly titles starring him, not just one shitty one like ASM is now, where Peter himself is largely crowded out every month by all this garbage.

  11. Al

    @#18-That’s true although in the wake of ASM1 they thought they’d have a whole year when there were literally 0 Marvel comics with peter Parker in them.@#22-I was saying this since before Dying Wish, to do a mindswap story long term you’d HAVE to screw logic or human nature so everyone is an idiot. Which is why Superior sucked so hard.

  12. Matthew

    #20:Maybe that explains the "Everyone in New York (in the 616 Marvel Universe) is on stupid pills" dynamic of Superior. Editorial wanted the story to last for a logical number of issues, with the police, the Avengers and Peter's friends "wishing up" pretty soon, Otto is apprehended and Peter restored. Slott stretches it out beyond any reasonable length, and the rest is history.

  13. hornacek

    @20 - I didn't read Superior so I only know about it from listening to the podcast. But from everything I heard it sounded like the panel felt that Goblin Nation was very rushed, as if Slott had to cram in a lot of plot in order to finish it in time for Peter to be back in the suit in time for the movie. Or am I remembering it wrong?

  14. Raul

    @17 @18- I remember reading an interview Slott saying that editorial wanted superior to last 10 issues, but he convince them that he could keep it going till the movie came out.

  15. hornacek

    @17 - Well, the ASM #2 movie was coming out, there was no way Marvel was going to have the ASM comic be published when the movie was released without Peter in the book. If Slott thought he wouldn't have to have his Superior storyline wrapped up by then, then he doesn't know much about how the comic book biz works. I mean, *everyone* predicted that Peter would be back before ASM #2 hit the screens.

  16. Al

    @#’13-I actually suspect Slott didn’t want/didn’t intend Peter to return as soon as he did. I smell editorial in there.@#14-I mean am I that off base here? I’m not even going into Post-OMD rant mode or anything but has Peter just as a character not been kinda...bland after OMD compared to how he was in the years beforehand. I mean I remember when the podcast covered American Son and many of them commented that Harry was actually more interesting than Peter and it was kinda true. And sales shot up when the more bombastic and different Otto Octavius was headlining the title. And I say that as someone who hated Superior.@#15-At least with the Clone Saga it was like they wanted to dump the baggage (read: wife) the character had accumulated as opposed to the character wholesale. Ben was to many of the writers’ minds Peter Parker up to ASM #150 and free of continuity and development from then onwards. This and Superiro though isn’t even Peter.

  17. Anonymous Jones

    I'm just gonna cut the tension and say this: despite the possible validity of this interview we'll probably be disappointed anyway.

  18. Jack Brooks

    All this says is that Dan Slott would like to dump the Peter Parker character. It's like Clone Saga logic deja vu.

  19. Cheesedique

    @8--that's a very good point. Marvel got their single Peter Parker with the devil bargain, and they've done little but shit on the character ever since.Really, it seems more and more they're just interested in bleeding the franchise dry with Spidey knock-offs as well. Hopefully Spidey himself is readable again someday.

  20. Scarlet Spider

    @7 - That's a pretty good point. The Marvel Now initiative has also felt like another of Marvel's "unofficial" universe re-boots.@8 - If they really are going to get rid of Peter again, then I'm wondering why Slott bothered to bring him back at the conclusion of Superior. Spider-Verse could have been the finale of Superior Spider-Man, and then led into Gwen or (shudder) Silk becoming the new 616 Spider-Person.

  21. Chasing Amazing

    To defend the "out of context" comment, if this is as rough of a translation as some are making it out, it's quite possible some nuance, sarcasm or whatever was missed. Could Ramos had been joking around and clearly being dismissive of what would freak fans out? I don't know because I wouldn't be able to infer that and probably only someone who is proficient in the language can.With that said, this rumor also makes no sense. Not to be a Debbie Downer but based on precedent, if Peter is going bye-bye again for a period (which I don't doubt is a possibility based on the past 2 years of stories), it'll be Silk replacing him as she's Slott's creation and based on the current story, that seems to be a logical progression. I think it's a terrible editorial decision, but I'm just a carping fan on the internet.On top of that, no one should be writing Spider-Gwen in an ongoing but Jaosn Latour and Robbie Rodriguez. They made that creation their own and I don't think there's anyone current working on a Spider-Book - even Peter David - capable of writing that character and her dialogue/narrative but Latour.

  22. ryu77

    Oh please, I just saw this podcast and they NEVER MENTIONED Spider-verse or spider Gwen. The only thing to mention is that some fan asked SANDOVAL what character would he love to draw, and he responded that he would gladly take RAMOS place and draw Spider-man. Ramos laughed and responded that there are actually three teams on SM right now.

  23. ac

    #5 Which is why they don't get my 3.99 anymore, and they haven't for a while. I go back a long way, I love the character and I sometimes miss reading about him, but if they are going to (in my opinion) screw him up as badly as they do, then they don't get my money anymore, and I get my Spidey fix by checking out this website. If people like the direction the character is going in, then those people should buy the comic, and if they are the majority, then I'm wrong, and Marvel is right. But if you hate what they've done to Pete, then the only answer is stop buying the comic. It's the only type of complaint that will get Marvel's attention.

  24. Al

    Oh God....please, please, please, please, please let this not be a step towards bringing back Gwen Stacy in some fashion. Let her rest in peace!But as for her replacing Peter...Jesus really? If this is true we’re gonna have Peter’s role as Spider-Man in NYC replaced AGAIN less than TWO YEARS after Superior??????????I’m sorry but at this point I have to Marvel/Slott like bored with Peter Parker or something? After getting what they always wanted in the wake of OMD they don’t seem to have written Peter with much verve or energy. Between Silk, Spider-Island, Superior and now this Peter has at best come off as bland and at worst less qualified for his job compared to other people.

  25. EvilAndy

    #6 - Excellent point. Besides, Peter Parker has been in an alternate universe since OMD anyway.

  26. Boomstick

    What, ANOTHER re-casting gimmick? Well, looks like they finally figured out a way to bring Gwen Stacy back, didn't they? Pity the only ones dead keen on the idea were Marvel editorial. Ah well, I have to agree with Scarlet Spider: Almost anything would be an improvement over the version of Peter Parker we're currently stuck with.

  27. Scarlet Spider

    "His role in New York, and in the comic, will be replaced for months by the Spider-Gwen Stacy from Edge Of Spider-Verse." - This does not upset me in the slightest. I'd take anyone over the Peter Parker that's currently being portrayed in ASM. I just hope Slott doesn't ruin Spider-Gwen, she's got a lot of promise as a character.

  28. EvilAndy

    Yeah, I don't see how it's a bad thing (if true). Spidey goes off on a little romp through the multiverse and we see more of Spider-Gwen (who seems pretty cool). What's more telling to me is how the powers that be at Marvel try to, and take joy in, pissing off Spider-Man fans. They seem to have utter contempt for those who pay $3.99 per issue.

  29. hornacek

    Ah, the old "It was taken out of context!" excuse.I don't know who to believe, but it wasn't like Bleeding Cool ambushed Ramos as he was out walking, he was talking on his own podcast and he posted it. If he misspoke then that's why people edit podcasts before publishing them.

  30. Venom65437 (Josh)

    Anyone speak Spanish who can translate then? If this is true all I can say is... WELP! Marvel is going to do what they're going to do but I don't know why they seem to hate Spidey so much since the turn of the century.

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