2015 Secret Wars

635484748118360002-Secret-WarsWill Spidey get another symbiote? Will the Thing be replaced with She Hulk? Will Hulk go beserk? Oh wait, that was the 1984 Secret Wars. USA Today got a nice exclusive from the New York Comic Con.
It looks like the 616 universe will fight various realities. Will the Beyonder be involved, lets hope he shows up with his awesome 1980’s hair.
Johnathan Hickman will write the year long story and it will be penciled Esad Ribic. Editor Tom Breevoort says, “The scope of it is about the biggest thing we’ve ever done or attempted to do.” 

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  1. Scarlet Spider

    @4 & 13 - Marvel and DC seem to think that in order to sell comics they need to make every story a 8-part epic, and judging by the sales of the event comics they aren't wrong. I'd quite like to have 1 part stories make a comeback. Moon Knight has been my favorite Marvel title this year, and I'd love to see more books in the same format.

  2. Fisk

    @#04 Exactly my feelings. Can we have at least a year without any big events? Or they really fear that nobody would buy then their books any longer? Because this says a lot about the state of the industry then...

  3. Evan

    Can't any of these characters ever just sit down and have a mutually beneficial conversation? If I were to meet my other self from a different universe, I wouldn't start trying to kill him. But I guess that doesn't really sell comic books,

  4. Scarlet Spider

    Secret Wars 2015 - We Have Run Out of Ideas! Also coming in 2015 :- Daredevil: Born Again.....Again, The Night Gwen Stacy Died Part 2, and The 2nd Marvel Civil War!!

  5. Enigma_2099

    ... and after a year's time, it wil be followed by several resets, soft reboots, and preparation for the next earth shattering event that will be slowly retconned thereafter.

  6. RDMacQ

    Intereting Miles is there but not Peter.But then again, we're missing several other big name Marvel characters, like Daredevil and Hulk.Hopefully this will come out a lot quicker than the LAST Secret Wars series.

  7. Ed.K

    Sad to say, but I really don't care. I've grown VERY weary of the seemingly endless barrage of "big events." The last big event, Original Sin, just ended and the next big event, Axis, has barely started and we're already being teased about the NEXT next big event, Secret Wars! And in between that is a Spider-Man specific big event, Spider-Verse! Crossover after crossover after tie-in after tie-in...I just can't muster any excitement or much interest in it these days. To paraphrase the movie The Incredibles, when everything is a big event, then nothing is a big event.

  8. tnr105

    I feel a great disturbance in the force... as though a certain Crawlspace is muttering several expletives under his breath.I wonder if this is another time travel/alternate universe thing. You have classic Iron Man, Thor, and Cap there against their current incarnations. Though considering Age of Ultron was only one event ago... didn't we just do that? I haven't even been reading these events, yet I still have event fatigue. Axis. Original Sin. Age of Ultron. Fear Itself. Siege. Secret Invasion. Civil War. House of M. They've always done the event of the year, but now a new one starts every time the former ends.

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