Silk To Get Her Own Spider-Man Spin-Off Series

Silk#1--CoverAs announced earlier today at Marvel’s “Spider-Verse” panel at this year’s New York Comic Con, Spider-Gwen isn’t the only new comic that will come out of “Spider-Verse.” Cindy Moon (who was bitten by the same radioactive spider which gave Peter Parker his powers) will also be getting her own ongoing series come February, 2015, to be written by Robbie Thompson, and illustrated by Stacey Lee. As reported by the New York Daily News:

There have been Spider-Girls and Spider-Women throughout Marvel history, but the Asian American Queens resident has been sparking conversations since her introduction earlier this year – part of the publisher’s ongoing effort to match the diversity of its readership…

…”Cindy has been situated in such a unique way-she’s tied to so much, and yet is completely free to find her own place in this amazing universe,” writer Robbie Thompson told the News via email…

…”For new readers, there’s the fun of watching a brand new character interact with an established, incredible universe,” teases Thompson, who writes for CW’s “Supernatural.” “You’re meeting these characters at the same time as Cindy is and getting to know them through her point of view.

“For established readers, you get to see a new hero with direct ties to an enormous event in Marvel’s History come up against icons and villains that fans know and love, and see her unique point of view on that universe.”

“So, there’s something for everyone here, I hope.”

The Daily News, in the same piece, also talked with Spider-Man associate editor, Ellie Pyle, about the prospects of an ongoing Silk series:

“It’s not intimidating, it’s exciting to find that audience and find who the story will be reaching,” says editor Ellie Pyle. “It’s just a matter of finding things to get people to get the eyes on Silk on the first place, once they do they’ll fall in love with her.”

Pyle is particularly excited about the “woman out of time” conceit that worked out so well narratively for Stan Lee and Jack Kirby when they thawed out Captain America in 1964.

Moon’s struggles to adjust to life in 2014 after ten years out in a bunker will be a major part of the direction of the book.

“The world has changed so much, from the practical, to the personal to the super-heroic. Twitter, binge-watching TV shows, the various cataclysmic Marvel Events that have gone down over the years-it’s all new to Cindy,” says Thompson.

“And while she’s desperate to catch up, she’s also surprised and at times bewildered by how much has changed.”

So with Dennis Hopeless and Greg Land’s Spider-Woman, Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez Spider-Gwen, and now Robbie Thompson and Stacey Lee’s Silk, is there a viable market for three different Spider-Man satellite titles each featuring a different Spider-Woman?  Marvel sure seems to think so.

Source: New York Daily News

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  1. Chase the Blues Away

    #45: Agreed. I think the only "fan" clamoring for it is a teenage Dan Slott. And while I have zero vested emotional interest in the Spider-People who were killed, it seems needlessly mean and, yes, troll-like, to purposefully kill characters that have no purpose in the story being told, zero connection to Peter Parker 616, do not drive the plot forward and yet still have a fan base. I know some readers who really enjoyed Spider-Man 1602 and who felt his death in Spider-Verse was akin to Slott kicking sand in their face and stomping on their sandcastle just so he could point and laugh. It's not that they ever expected to see Spider-Man 1602 again, it's that he had a happy ending which made them feel good - and now it's become a one panel grimdark joke.

  2. hornacek

    @43 - But I don't care about those What If characters that have appeared once. I don't care about Spideys from other media being portrayed in the comic. It's like Slott thinks the fans have been clamoring for this, and maybe there are some readers that may like to see some of these characters appear in ASM, I just don't think this is something that is appearing "because the fans demanded it!"

  3. 666andahalf

    I haven't been enjoying the character in ASM, but I think that is owed to current creative team. I think fresh blood could do wonders for her... I'm interested to see how it goes!

  4. Randall

    Yeah they are characters pulled from what it's and different dimensions. More characters to be canon foder. :)

  5. hornacek

    @41 - Yay, putting an extra space between each word made it so that it would post. No idea why that works, but it usually does.

  6. hornacek

    (continued from my previous post since it wouldn't let me post it when it was all one post) In my opinion, the only alternates that are actual characters with actual history of their own are: Ben Reilly Kaine Miles Morales Spider-Woman (all of them) Mayday Parker the Anya Spider-Girl Spider-Ham Spider-Man Noir (there may be others but those are the only ones that I remember) The rest are just portrayals in other media and one-shot characters that were never intended to have any longevity beyond their one appearance, and there is nothing that is making me want to see them interact with Spider-Man.

  7. hornacek

    @39 - "I wanted to see some of the knock offs killed." That's a valid viewpoint, but from what I see, the majority of the Spider-people we'll see in Spider-Verse are characters that do not really exist in the Marvel universe - they're characters from one-shot What If stories or portrayals of the character in other media, so who cares if they get knocked off? It's not like the character of Spider-Man was having his uniqueness diluted because of the Six-Armed Spider-Man from the Morbius-gets-eaten-by-sharks What If. Before Spider-Verse I would bet most readers had not given that character a second thought, along with the majority of these What If Spideys. It wasn't like they had their own series or series of limited series over the years that indicated they had an ongoing story and history.

  8. Randall

    I am ranting again but I like the idea of spiderverse but I wanted to see some of the knock offs killed. I am tired of the water down and milking of my favorite hero and the trope of my favorite hero. DC did this with batman and I dropped all of those books like a lead weight after the 10th bat spin off book was announced. I am fine with even an A book and a B book of a character but don't milk it and don't just make a variant and force it on us. I recently decided to drop ultimate and 2099 due to feeling like my teets were being milked dry. These three spiderwoman-esque books at one time is too much and I bet all of them fail for over saturation.

  9. Randall

    Marvel also wants to push female characters with female creators and I am cool with that for the most part. I just get tired of everything feeling forced like an agenda rather then things happening naturally or organically.

  10. Randall

    Didn't amazing issue 4 sell out and go to a second printing? Isn't that her first real appearance other than just previous cameos? I think marvel saw that issue sell out and determined wow people want this rather than seeing it sell out because it was a corporate line tie in issue. Most of those corporate line issues sold out just because of the tie in rather than any new character appearance. Hell I see tons of issue 4 lying around at the various comic shops I have been to since it came out. I don't think anyone can really see if it is silk that carries interest or the fact there was over printing, variants, and cross overs that factored in.

  11. John joseph

    I agree with Big John. She should have been given time to grow on us, perhaps as a supporting character in a few different books. Maybe even share a book with another like Black Widow did with Daredevil in the 70's. Furthermore, not digging the new suit. The self spun suit was working either.

  12. Al

    @#31-And yet, Otto can be superior at being Peter Parker and Spider-Man than Peter himself, and indeed any alternate version of him? Seriously, he didn't run into the same problems Peter ever did because....he's just better. Even Spider-Gwen had similar problems, but Slotto balanced everything pretty well

  13. ryan3178

    @29 Oh come on, we know that Peter can't balance a checkbook and Doc Ock was the best at building a company and using great ideas to make billions. Remember, the old Parker Luck. Peter has to crash and burn I mean come on, Sanjia is back sabotaging the company from within and Anne Marie is trying to continue Otto's nanotech which we all know is going to backfire on both of them and Peter will pay in the end. Because, Peter can't be successful for too long.

  14. Jack

    @#28 -- He had remnants of them, and they were starting to grow back, as I recall. P.S. See there another example of a dead-end Slott plot element. Parker Particles ought to be the biggest thing in the MU since nuclear fission, regardless of the accident, and Peter ought to be a fabulously wealthy man.

  15. Frontier

    #27 Does Alpha even still have his powers? I didn't read his series (And not many did) but did he retain his abilities by the end of it?

  16. ryan3178

    The problem is we are getting yet another character that the Spider Offices think will be this big success. While sales started falling, Spider-Girl was really the best spin off title from Spider-Man in years since 2099. Of course, all of a sudden, there was this need to "fix" Peter and not have him attached. So, they created Anya for the Arana series. Nothing wrong with the character but so many series and so many writers have tried to use her to be the Spider-Girl replacement and it has failed. Then you have Jackpot, you know who we all thought was Mary Jane? Of course, it was nobody, then they tried to keep selling her off as "The next Big thing." Now, no one wants to ever see her again. Then came Alpha and no matter what, the fans don't want her. Now, Silk is being forced on us because: "She's the best, because she was bitten by the same spider that gave Peter his powers." They didn't have a bad idea making her the side kick to Jessica Drew but all of a sudden there is this idea she can carry her own series barely a month after Spider-Verse ends. As much as I want to give Cindy hope, her series is just not going to do it. Spin offs like Spider-Woman, Scarlet Spider and 2099 work because there is a fan base both original and new who want the characters to have a series. Plus, writers and artist that can really take the character in a wonderful direction. With Silk its like Arana, Jackpot and Alpha, these are great characters we made them, like them we are giving them their own series. It will sell. "Mayday? No, no one cares about a happy ever after Peter Parker, kill the MC2!"

  17. Stillanerd - Post author

    BTW, with regards to Silk, something rather amusing was brought to my attention. Silk's real name, as we know, is Cindy Moon. Cindy is short for Cynthia. Cynthia is Greek in origin, derived from Mount Cynthus, which, in Greek Mythology, was the birthplace of the goddess, Artemis. Artemis just happens to be the Greek goddess of...the moon. In fact, Cynthia is an epithet for Artemis. Ergo, Silk's real name is literally "Moon Moon."

  18. Jason

    I just don't see Silk/Cindy Moon as a hard-luck character I'd want to read and know more about. She was locked up for 10 years, but doesn't seem to have any hesitation entering the world outside her cell. She seems to be a better fighter than Peter. Even her Spidey sense seems to be better. What's attractive about reading about a perfect superhero with seemingly few flaws?

  19. Jack

    In old days, Marvel would have tried this character out as a back-up feature in some series like "Journey Into Mystery", to gauge interest. Now they just launch a series with zero market evidence that anyone wants this. I think the Marvel comics division is controlled as much by political correctness as business sense. They've been trying to have a "Year of the Woman" for years. But the Spider-Man franchise has not had a successful spin-off in years. Anya was a flop. Alpha was a colossal flop. If this is not going to be yet another similar flop, they will need to do as hugely better writing job that what we've seen so far. Spider-Man finds an imprisoned young woman with spider-powers, they instantly start copulating even though they just met 20 seconds ago, so of course the next thing to do is give her a series.

  20. Scarlet Spider

    What is the point of this? Silk isn't interesting enough to maintain a solo comic, Marvel should have just left her as Spider-Woman's sidekick. I'll be surprised if this book makes it past 10 issues.

  21. Jason

    Moon’s struggles to adjust to life in 2014 after ten years out in a bunker will be a major part of the direction of the book. Reading Amazing, you'd be hard pressed to read anything about Moon's struggles.

  22. Al

    @#10-Thanks. It seems very mangaesque to me. It looks really nice actually. This is just.....Silk should’ve been left as a partner character in Spider Woman. It’s high profile but she isn’t expected to do any heavy lifting by herself. If it worked out then give her her own title. This is just jumping the gun. Maybe it’ll work out but judging her on the basis of her current appearences she’s been a TERRIBLE character

  23. Big John

    I also don't want to be negative about this, but I just don't see who was clamoring for this book. I think Silk's best chances would have been if she appeared in Amazing as a supporting member for a while, a la 80's Black Cat, to develop her more and then Marvel could wait and see if we wanted this. This also further dilutes the Spider-Woman brand, let alone the Spider-Man one. We are now getting TWO more Spider-Woman books. . .oi Look forward to hearing the panels' thoughts on this development, especially Mike and George. (we live in a world where Foes gets cancelled and room is made in the publishing line for SIlk. . .)

  24. tickbite

    Good thing she's not wearing glasses in this outfit. They'd fog up immediately. (*Speaking from experience.*)

  25. Stillanerd - Post author

    @#10 Donovan Grant -- And having seen that portfolio and recognizing a few of those pieces, Stacey Lee's art--which does look gorgeous--will certainly be one of the better things the <i>Silk</i> title will have going for it. Correct me if I'm wrong, has Lee's work been limited to doing just cover art? If so, then this might be her first comic where she'll also be penciling the interiors.

  26. Donovan Grant

    Here's a link to Stacey Lee's artwork to get a sense of what to expect from her on Silk's title

  27. Spideymaddox

    Peter Parker is one of the most popular and most enduring characters in comics, I dont get why Marvel feels the need to prop the book up with gimmicks and huge events. Just give us a Spider-man book that dosent suck...thats all we really want. we dont need reboots, retcons,1000 diffrent Spider themed heroes or new love intrests. we were all very happy with Peter Parker till Marvel started trying to "fix" him and if they would just put a good writer on the book and resist the urge to interfere with his creative process we would be happy again. theres no reason for Amazing to not be as good , or better, than 2099.

  28. Jack Brooks

    Slott's Peter Parker isn't done well enough to sustain interest, so they keep doing stunts and oddities.

  29. Spideymaddox

    if giving her a book of her own keeps her out of Amazing Spider-man then go for it. so far the book hasent focused on Peter Parker at all but just pushing Silk.

  30. Stillanerd - Post author

    @#4 RDMacQ -- <blockquote>What I think happened was that Marvel banked on Silk being the “It” girl, but her spotlight was stolen due to the overwhelming response of Spider-Gwen, and Silk’s poor introduction overall.</blockquote> Oh, I don't think there's any doubt about that whatsoever. You could just tell based on the way Marvel was promoting her prior to Amazing Spider-Man #4, and announcing she'd be co-staring in Jessica Drew's new solo series within days after ASM #4 that Marvel was clearly banking on Cindy Moon being their breakout new female character of 2014. And while I'm sure there were folks at Marvel who anticipated a positive response towards Spider-Gwen, they certainly didn't anticipate just how overwhelming that response would be, or how popular she's already become after so few appearances.

  31. RDMacQ

    Yeah, I'm not really feeling that the whole "Woman out of time" thing is really going to be that big of a jump for her. With Cap, it's become more and more potent with time as the distance between when he was frozen and when he was revived kept getting longer and longer. There was a real palatability between when he was frozen and when he was revived. The world went through a LOT of changes in the interim, far more than what Cindy has experienced. The rise of feminism, the fall of the Berlin wall and the civil rights movement kind of trump twitter and the rise of social media. What I think happened was that Marvel banked on Silk being the "It" girl, but her spotlight was stolen due to the overwhelming response of Spider-Gwen, and Silk's poor introduction overall. I doubt this is going to last long. There's just not enough interest in the character. I think they will try to push her, but I don't see her book lasting that long.

  32. hornacek

    @2 - I agree, but ... I assume these plans were made long before Silk first appeared in ASM (unless they just threw this together last minute). Why not let her appear in Spider-Woman with Jessica Drew and gauge her popularity there? See if she merits a second solo title? Why thrust a brand new character into 2 new books? It's like when Slott came up with the idea for her Marvel responded "That's brilliant! The fans will love it! Let's create a new title for her! No wait ... TWO new titles!" It's like they're telling fans what to like instead of listening to us tell them what we like. Remember the Mattie Franklin Spider-Woman? They created this character, gave her powers, and with only a handful of appearances they gave her a new book and called her Spider-Woman. I'm convinced it lasted as long as it did (8 issues) because of John Byrne. Maybe a new writer will make people care about Silk. Hell, Spencer/Lieber made me care about Boomerang which pre-SFoSM I never thought was possible, so ANYTHING can happen!

  33. QuilSniv

    #1- I kind of have bitter thoughts, given the few appearances that good ol' Slott has given her. But, heck, maybe Thompson can pull something off with her, like you said. The only people who've written Silk is Dan, and we've seen the train wreck that Amazing has become. I made a comment on this earlier, and my reaction was essentially this: Oh, goody! Note the sarcasm in that abridged quote. But again, this could work. As much as I despise Silk right now, she's only been written by one guy, and we have yet to see someone else take a crack at her. Who knows, maybe Thompson can do this right and pull off a Silk that's on par with Spider-Gwen and Superior Foes. Just gonna have to wait and see.

  34. hornacek

    "Moon’s struggles to adjust to life in 2014 after ten years out in a bunker will be a major part of the direction of the book." Oh, like they've been a major part of her appearances in ASM? I may sound bitter, but I really don't want this to fail. I have to feel for Thompson and Silk, working hard and finally getting a series at Marvel (I have no idea about their past with Marvel, if any), and it's this character. And maybe this series will surprise everyone (hell, Superior Foes did). But I really can't see the appeal of this. p.s. And while they didn't directly compare her to Captain America, I rolled my eyes when they name-dropped him.

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