Civil War 2015

unnamed (1)Marvel sent me this image without any text. What do you think it means? Is it a sequel? Is it a lost tale? A What If story? Comment below. 

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  1. Bill

    Well, if it has anything to do with "Civil War" it can't be good. (At least in my book anyway). That big "event" was a deal breaker for me, and I haven't regularly bought any Marvel Comics since. (After being a life-long Marvel Zombie, with a complete collection of Amazing Spider-Man, and every other Spider-Man title for that matter). After CW, I stuck with Spidey for as long as I could, but after Slott went to work and basically finished up destroying everything I always loved about the character (and Marvel Comics in general), I finally even gave up reading my beloved Spider-Man. Then I ended up selling off my entire Spidey collection. I still love the character as he once was, and is supposed to be portrayed, but anything with a Civil War logo on it is like Kryptonite to me.

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  3. Scarlet Spider

    @43 - I think Civil War was the the beginning of the end for Spider-Man. Peter's struggle with who to side with was interesting. But Civil War was when Marvel decided that Spidey was going to become their personal punching bag again, and proceeded to put him through a series of unnecessary tragedies that ended in BND. What the event did to Tony Stark 's personality was pretty dire too.

  4. Jason

    I enjoyed Spider-Man's involvement in it, but that was about it. I find it hard to get into cross-over events when I can't relate to unfamiliar characters. Since I only read Spider-Man, it's all of them. *L* I got rid of all my Civil War comics, except for the Frontline miniseries.

  5. Castle

    Am I the only one that actually liked the Civil War? That was the height of my enjoyment of spiderman comics, I personally loved the new avengers and spidey being apart of it and then he's thrust into an important role in a crossover event. Then they undid everything and I lost interest, I mean I still read the books I just don't feel attached to the character anymore he isn't relatable since they reset everything with OMD.

  6. Enigma_2099

    ... sure. Great. Why not? I mean it was such a huge hit the FIRST TIME IT FAILED, SO LET'S DO IT AGAIN!!!!

  7. Alex H

    With the recent scoop that RDJ is going to be in Cap 3 which will be based on Civil War apparently then maybe this is Marvels way of teasing that and the fact they may have broken a deal with Sony to include Spidey?

  8. Scarlet Spider

    @39 - If this is set in a alternate reality. I would assume it takes place in a universe where the outcome of the Civil War was different. Maybe Spider-Man never defects from the pro-registration side. Also worth noting that in Superior Spider-Man #32 there was a alternate version of Iron Spider that appeared to come from a reality where the War was still going on.

  9. RDMacQ

    Given the recent teaser for "Age of Ultron" vs "Marvel Zombies," I doubt that this will be OMD related. Again, so soon after the announcement for Secret War, this is most likely going to be an alternate reality tale. HOW, I'm not sure, since the Civil War wasn't really about an alternate dimension or splitting of the timelines. Anyway, as appealing as it might be, I don't think it's best to get our hopes up regarding this.

  10. Jimmy/James Higgins, jr

    MY idea above (#29)was simply recognition that marvel and Joe Quesada were gonna split the marriage anyway. I felt Peter and Mary Jane getting a divorce instead of a deal with the devil would reflect battles similar long term Spider-Man fans themselves may have had to endure in their own lives. I felt the fans AND the characters deserved that level of respect. (#31) Kristie was MJ's cousin, she was around between 1989-1993. She battled bulimia/anorexia. She was sort of brought in as a character to show Mary Jane's strength.....where is Mary Jane at now? Hoofing it up with a Peter Parker place-holder fireman while running a nightclub....cuz, you know 'party hearty' Mary Jane. They've done the same thing to her as the other characters...pushed her back to near-start.

  11. Jack

    Marvel managers were obsessed with the idea of going back to a single Peter for years, because they want him to have a succession of girlfriends (and hook-ups), because that allegedly creates soap-operatic "suspense", because we all know soap-opera suspense is why 13-year-old boys read Spider-Man, because 13-year-old boys want to read about Peter hooking up, because. And it was a way to twist Stan Lee and Jim Shooter's noses.

  12. Jason

    David, just to be clear, I never wanted to see MJ and Peter break up. I don't think those who come up with other ways Marvel could have handled the break-up necessarily support the idea either, but rather they would have supported an idea which didn't screw up the entire universe.

  13. David Blyth

    #31, no, it would not have been "better", it would have made Peter even more of a catastrophic faliure in the eyes of his fans to lose his wife and baby in the same instance. Marvel's most iconic hero fail at marraige? Nope, not happening. Peter and MJ rose above losing their baby and inspired me and many other readers, showing they should never give up and never surrender to the cruelties of the evil that surround us. People are more content to read characters with breaking points these days, I find such fasicnations weak and unoriginal. I'm of the opinion true art is not perpetual angst. Times like this I'm glad the daily newspaper strip exists, where Peter and MJ have never had any maritial problems and MJ remains completly fine with Peter being Spidey, and even helps him solve his cases now and then (as she did so in the recent arc), more like that please Marvel.

  14. Jason

    It would have been better if the divorce came as a result of the kidnapping of the Parker baby, which was never addressed. Talk about a loose thread.

  15. Jason

    @29 Who's Kristie and why is she a loose end character? Unless I've never read those issues, I've never heard of her. Why would MJ need a death in the family to come to this realization? Just the fact that she's home alone all the time left wondering when, and if, Peter would be coming home, should have been enough for her to walk away.

  16. Jimmy/James Higgins, jr

    Hmm....MAYBE all the broken realities in Marvel were made possible because of the events of 'Civil War'. They go back to that time, fix it, and all I can say is this.... "YAY, ONE MORE DAY NEVER HAPPENS, WOOT WOOT! We most likely aren't that fortunate. I wouldn't have as much a problem with it if they just didnt have Pete strike up a deal with Marvel's version of Satan. (I say this with no arrogance, the following information below was/is my 'better idea' to get the same results without that one more day story) They could've just written Mary Jane's cousin Kristie back into a story (lord knows where she went), have her accidentally get killed by a villain (because at this point she's a loose end character, or a red shirt from the past) , and have Mary Jane tell Peter; "I know you tried to save her, but if I hadn't gotten involved with 'spider-man', his villains wouldn't now be mine..or hers....I'm sorry Peter, but my life with you cost my cousin Kristie hers.....I can't...I want a divorce." Had the guys at Marvel thought of that to follow up Civil War, they THEN could've had Peter talk to Dr Strange and tell him; "Please....I can't have anyone else hurt by this....I want everyone to forget I am Spider-Man. Aunt May almost died, Kristie DID die, and Mary Jane may not hate me, but there's no way we can ever share happiness the way we once did... This time I will own up to my responsibility for my one gets hurt, no one dies...not because of me, or because of Spider-Man". You still would've gotten Peter single, Peter would have his secret identity back, and only DR STRANGE would truly know Peter is Spider-man. But instead we've gotten another ten years almost of convoluted backtracking of many characters, regressing back to the mentalities of their first appearances, or worse. Civil War truly did hurt spider-man most of all. Nothing after Civil-War has been good or interesting. It took killing Peter for over a year to get people to take notice of Marvel's once proud flagship character. And trust me, Peter dealing with the Devil is a lot more darker than simple adult divorce......Peter Parker surrendered in the presence of satan.....who actually thought that was a 'great story'!?

  17. Jason

    I've never been a big fan of these huge cross-over events. They include characters I'm not familiar with and they often include tie-ins with other titles. It's hard to get into a story when I have no idea what's going on in the individual titles.

  18. Evan

    Is this a sign of "Colossal New Fantastic Spin on a Story We All Know and Love"? Or further confirmation that there are no new ideas? I hate to confess that it's teasers like this and Secret Wars that make me wish that I just didn't know what's coming.

  19. Nick MB

    They've just released a "Marvel Zombies Vs Age Of Ultron" teaser also for Summer 2015, so I imagine it might be a string of storylines being revisited as part of Secret Wars.

  20. Al

    I just hope and pray to Christ this isn't going to be a continuty reboot thing. Just make it an untold tale or something, or like this is an alternate universe version of Civil War which comes into play with Secret Wars

  21. George Berryman

    It's bad enough when Hollywood continues to recycle the same ideas, reboots & 're-imaginings' all the damn time. But when comics do it, it looks even more desperate.

  22. Jason

    @11 - Maybe you can ask why their customer service department sucks. I've sent Marvel multiple e-mails without a response. Check that, I received one response a couple weeks ago from an e-mail I sent back in June or July and the e-mail didn't even address my concern.

  23. Aziz

    Secret War had an updated version a few years after its original release. I'm guessing this is the same thing. Iron-Spider, Cap vs Tony, armor of those days.

  24. Anonymous Jones

    I'm thinking this is going to be along the lines of that "The Real Clone Saga" mini we got a few years ago. It's the "Oh, this the story we REALLY wanted to tell but Millar went bonkers and made Tony a facist knob instead and said you were supposed to root for the Pro-Reg side. Because the Marvel U U.S. government is so responsible when it comes to superhuman citizens *cough* Sentinels, Secret Empire Not!Nixon, and Secretary of Defense Red Skull *cough*. "

  25. RDMacQ

    @#11- I was unaware of that. I thought that Crawlspace may not have been on Marvel's "mailing list" given it's more even handed approach to the material it put's out, as opposed to other websites that give them an easier time.

  26. Dr. Pooper

    The rumors about Sony and Marvel Studios from last week make a lot of sense with the news that broke tonight about Cap 3. All those rumors over the years about Spider-Man just coming into the MCU to join the Avengers rang false to me, he really had no point to be with those guys. But in this context it would make a lot of sense to introduce Spider-Man there. There aren't many secret identity characters in the MCU, and Spider-Man is the superhero above the rest that's always been hallmark for. I think that being challenged on screen between the other guys would be a really cool conflict to see and a logical entry point for Spider-Man there.

  27. Javi Trujillo

    Civil War was the beginning of the end of my deep love of Spidey, a passion I've only lately been starting to reignite.

  28. A.M.

    Maybe a bit late at this point, but from Variety we have this:

  29. Dr. Pooper

    Think it was coincidental? This image releasing today and the news breaking later about RDJ signing on Cap 3 for Civil War in the MCU.

  30. RDMacQ

    Wait, Marvel WILLINGLY sent Crawlspace something? You didn't have to get it from another source first?

  31. ryan3178

    @3 I agree, if you look at the new Secret Wars poster those characters from the different universes are all Avengers and the way it looks like. They are from key moments in certain time periods. I think what Secret Wars is going to do is reset up timelines within the Marvel Universe and realigned the multiverse. I mean, Spider-Verse, alternate Spider-Men and Woman. Incursions dealing with various heroes and destroying universes. The Captain Britain Corps all rushing and now this Secret Wars. Yeah, I see timelines and universes merging.

  32. Al

    Maybe it's something to do with them both being 'wars'. Secret Wars and Civil War. Maybe World WAR Hulk? Or maybe they're just pulling in multiple crossover events from recent years.

  33. Raul

    maybe it has something to with tales to astonish documentary, they teased earlier this year. [youtube]

  34. Danbbqman

    Well, the cover art is pretty good. Summer 2015...coincides with the new version of Secret Wars?

  35. Scarlet Spider

    I called this on the Secret Wars 2015 article! Now I'm sad because Marvel have become this predictable.

  36. Chase the Blues Away

    What do I think it means? It means Marvel is trolling the fans. Again. And it's probably some sort of Secret War tie-in. Maybe whoever is behind the Secret War cherry picks heroes from the timelines and universes when the heroes were already at war with each other and sets them loose on a bigger canvas. Still not interested.

  37. Phantom Roxas

    Well, Spider-Verse is going to be over by the time this happens, so there's that. The most I can hope for is that this could somehow set the stage for fixing One More Day, but at this point, such a thing can only exist in our dreams.

  38. Shaun Martineau

    When I see this, all I can think is Cap going, "Oh crap, here comes Morlun. Hold him down, Tony."

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