Podcast #333-Spider-Gwen Popularity, Byrne Hates Goblin, Kirby Settlement, Ditko Yearbook

Podcast333picWe tackle Spider-News in this episode. The topics include:
*Itunes reviews
*Crawlspace reaches #50 on Itunes chart
*Popularity of Spider-Gwen
*Kirby settlement with Marvel
*Reporter finds lost Spider-Kid
*John Byrne hates the Green Goblin
*Steve Ditko yearbook for sale on ebay
*Stan Lee draws Spider-Man? 
*Spider-Man and Batman vs heckler


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  1. George Berryman

    Before anyone comes along to point it out - yes, I realize I made an error on the voice of Morgan le Fay & Hawkwoman, confusing Grey DeLisle and María Canals (who was also the Mom on Waverly Place). <img src="http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NDgwWDY0MA==/$%28KGrHqN,!osE-vflzCL6BP4v0YS1Eg~~60_35.JPG"> Again, sorry - that was supposed to be a JPG of a cat saying it was sorry. You have my apologies. :cool:

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