End of the Ultimate Universe?

ultimateendMarvel send over this image without any text. Is the Ultimate Universe finally coming to an end? 

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  1. Emmanuel Jimenez

    All I know is that if the Ultimate Universe is done then I'm done with Marvel. The Ultimate Universe is the only universe not ruined to me. Especially since Peter is finally back now, I can finally be a happy Spider-Man fan (because Amazing will never go back to what it was for me.)

  2. George Berryman

    @5 - I will believe it's 'the end' when I see it. If they really wanted to end it, Cataclysm would've been the right way to do it - while also upping Galactus's villain cred back in 616. Alas, that was a tease. So we'll see.

  3. Javi Trujillo

    Peter Parker may not be on the cover, but it's done by Bagley who launched the universe, so that's fine by me. Hopefully, he'll do the interiors on whatever this is, too. If this is truly the end, it's been a good ride, at least as far as Spidey has been concerned. I'd hate to see Miles' world end, as I feel Bendis has barely scratched the surface of its' potential. We've barely seen any of Ganke/Gwen and whilst we know they're a couple, there's a lot of Miles and Katie's relationship we haven't been privy to. I imagine it's all building to a head in the current arc, but the Ultimate U is unsympathetic to its characters, not caring what potential they have when it comes time to die. It's something that added a feeling of danger to the universe-no one was safe, no matter how beloved they were.

  4. Ben

    @7 - I agree that Ultimate has been handled poorly lately. Marvel getting rid of nearly all of the original Ultimate universe heroes during the Cataclysm event seems to have finished the it off. I'm pretty sure that's Ganke in the Charlie Brown shirt, Peter is probably still dead.

  5. MC3

    I do enjoy USM, but I just can't really get as much into Miles as others can. The Ultimate universe has not been handled with too much care these last few years Peter's absense troubles me. I thought that was him in the Charlie Brown blazer on the front, but I was told it was'nt.

  6. Venom65437 (Josh)

    It's been pretty much dead since Ultimatum but who knows. I still enjoy Spidey (one of the few current books I pick up) but this might be it. They don't sell that well anymore.

  7. hornacek

    How is it that George was not the one to post this? I know it was sent to Brad, but come on, the end of the Ultimate universe? This seems like a story that George would push old ladies out of the way to get to the computer first in order to post it. I wonder if it is a future-story tale like all of the "The End" mini-series that Marvel did years ago.

  8. Ryan3178

    I'm so tired of this. I get this all plugs in with the new Secret Wars but this is really bearing the dead horse. I'm doing a full post on this during the weekend.

  9. Scarlet Spider

    My god is Marvel stuck or something? The aftermath of Cataclysm has barely set in, and they're teasing the end of the Ultimate universe again! If Ultimate does actually end this time (it probably won't) I imagine it will be related to Secret Wars 2015. As long as Miles survives and get's another solo series I'm good.

  10. Animehunter

    Not that it wasn't expected, you can't really hold another universe series with a single title no matter how good it is, I'm talking about Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-man, after cancelling everything else. The only thing I want to know is WHY they didn't include Peter Parker on the cover. He's the one that started the Ultimate books, surely he should be there at it's end. Also with Black Cat on the cover, will we be seeing her again, she been gone from the book as long as has been + a few months.

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